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Summary - 2018 Food Plot Seed Review

Once again, we produced outstanding plots that contributed greatly to both herd health, and winter survival rates. We had decent growing conditions but not as optimal as 2016, and a slight increase in deer activity - including several mature buck sightings in daylight.

I found my brassica ratio to be too high this year. I also feel we had excess food in 2017-2018 which we have never experienced before. I actually watched bulbs rot, rather than get consumed. These are good problems to have. Early spring scouting has turned up zero winter kill, so we should be OK, despite a harsher winter than the previous year.

Plot Ranking

Below is our 2018 plot rankings based on a combination of growth, nutrition and attraction. This subjective scoring is based on trail camera photos, actual sightings, and plot utilization.

  1. Plot 1 - Real world Soybeans
  2. Plot 7 - Hancock Kale, Turnips, and Austrian Peas
  3. Plot 4 - Grandpa Ray Frosty Delight
  4. Plot 9 - Bulldog Alfalfa and Brown Bag Red Clover
  5. Plot 3 - Hancock Ladino Clover
  6. Plot 2 - Hancock Daikon Radish
  7. Plot 1a - Durana Clover
  8. Plot 6 - Hancock Daikon Radish
  9. Plot 5 - balansa Clover
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