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Deerplotter 03-Sep-17
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Deerplotter 04-Sep-17
12yards 04-Sep-17
Deerplotter 04-Sep-17
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Scoot 06-Sep-17
Deerplotter 06-Sep-17
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The plot looks awesome!!


Thanks. The Stump blind is my wife's bow stand for the cold late season MN hunts. Vertical windows makes it ideal to shoot from. The Giant Rape brassica isn't talked about much but has proven to produce great tonnage of greens into late season. If you guys are looking for something to plant for cold weather hunting give this brassica a try.


Looks lush! You must have gotten some good rain. Do you soil test every year and have you had to add anything to your soil to get stuff to grow so well?


Every other year soil test as we have low ph here with all the red pine from past years. Applied 5000# lime two years ago on three acres. Now 150# Of 22-7-20 does the trick on a July planting. We only had 1/2 of rain in July so all the growth is pretty much from August. The Dwarf Rape (smaller variety) in other fields faired ok but nothing like this Giant Rape. I will be asking my wife permission to hunt it in December I am sure.

By: MK111

Looks great but how do the deer keep from falling off. Just kidding.

By: Scoot

Deerplotter, your plot looks pretty darn amazing! I see you planted it on July 4th. Isn't that early for a brassica in this neck of the woods? I've always been told the last week of July or first week of August is the time to seed them around here. However, mine never look as big and lush as yours do, so maybe I should be seeding earlier than I do?


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Hey Scoot I have been plotting long time now. Actually sell plot seed for a company. So I have the ability to experiment. Have also planted brassica Giant Rape on Memorial Day weekend. Takes a bit More work but fun !


Cary, we will talk this spring. I will need some clover seed and also some brassicas. not a lot this year but once all my areas are tillable ill have 4 acres give or take.

what brand seed do you sell?


By: t-roy

Very nice Cary! What part of Minnesota?

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