Food Plot 4 Food plot 4 is a perennial clover/chicory kill plot

Blend Planted: Tecomate Chicory + Pennington's Rackmaster Durana Clover

1=Poor , 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Very Good, 5=Excellent
Planting Date Mid March
Acreage .6 (GPS measured)
Moisture Fair to Good
Soil Condition PH 5.8, No Fertilizer Added. Soil test called for 1-Ton/Acre
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

We were a little worried about planting with a PH of 5.8 and not adding fertilizer, but both seeds emerged extremely well and flourished.

Activity Results

Deer activity was outstanding in this plot. It always had consistent action and we bumped more daylight deer feeding here than any of our other plots.


We were very happy with this mixture. It emerged terrific and competed very well with grass choking out most of it within 2 months. The fact that we did not follow soil test instructions make the results that much more impressive.

September Photo
September Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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