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Food Plot 7 Food plot 7 is a perennial food plot next to our Soybean plot. It provides spring and summer protein

Blend Planted: Tecomate Alfa-Feast blend

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date Perennial, planted 2012
Acreage 1.2 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 7.0 Fertilizer added per soil test. No lime needed.
Plant Again? No

Growth Results

This was the second year of growth on this plot. It emerged great, both with the alfalfa and the chicory. However, by early summer it was getting engulfed by aggressively spreading weeds. Unfortunately, we had few options. The chicory was the top draw in this plot, followed by the alfalfa. If we sprayed 2-4DB (spray that kills broadleaf weeds but is safe for alfalfa and clover) it would kill the chicory, so we rolled the dice by mowing with no herbicide treatments. Unfortunately, mowing did not help, in fact it seemed to invigorate the weeds. In hindsight, we should have sacrificed the chicory and sprayed 2-4DB to save the alfalfa. By mid summer the chicory was wiped out by the deer, and the Alfalfa was all but gone. This plot will be sprayed with Glyfo in 2014 and we will be starting over.

Activity Results

Activity was incredible within 60 days of emergence, but use began dropping off sharply as the weed growth increased. By hunting season, we had pulled most of our cameras due to inactivity.


This plot was our top draw in 2012, but this year it was basically a disaster. We certainly made mistakes here, but part of the frustration was due to the crop choices contained in this blend. You basically have few spraying options for chicory. The only herbicide safe to apply on chicory is Raptor ($550 per gallon). Far too expensive for most plot applications. I would love to plant Roundup Ready alfalfa here if that becomes a valid option - but due to use restrictions by Monsanto it is currently a violation of their usage agreement. I may abandon alfalfa altogether - even though it has been a fantastic draw on our farm. There are certainly lots of other excellent choices which require far less effort.

September Photo
September Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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