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Food Plot 2 - Hancock Sugar Beets

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

My first attempt at Sugar Beets fared well in 2014. So I wanted to try again only this time with an earlier planting. They germinated fine however so did pigweed and a massive invasian of purslane. I had to literally kill 1/3 of my plot off. Green growth was decent and the same with beet growth. But overall I would say the result was only fair. I won't be using this crop again in the Non-GMO variety.

Activity Results

Activity was fair - not great. This plot was far down on the list for activity - even in winter. Not horrible, but I had higher expectations. The weed infestation did not help.


Beets can be tough to grow. They need to be planted in spring for full maturity of the bulb, but this means they are suceptable to weed invasion. Unless you are planting a GMO beet which you can over-spray with Glyfo it can be tough to get a crop since they do not compete well with invasives. This crop was not quite a failure, but I could have utilized this area much better with other crop choices.

September Photo (Macro)

September Photo (Micro)

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