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Summary - 2017 Food Plot Seed Review

By any measure the results from our 2016 food plot season were simply terrific. We had great moisture, terrific growing conditions, and a significant increase in deer activity - including mature buck sightings in daylight.

This occurred at the heels of a mild winter in 2016 and that was welcomed, since the winter of 2015 was devastating for our area.

Plot Ranking

New this year I am going to rank our plots based on a combination growth, nutrition and attraction. This subjective scoring is based on trail camera photos, actual sightings, and plot utilization.

  1. Plot 7 - Brown Bag Radish, Turnips, and Austrian Peas
  2. Plot 1 - Real world Soybeans
  3. Plot 3 - Brown Bag Ladino Clover
  4. Plot 4 - Brown Bag Ladino Clover and Six Point Chicory
  5. Plot 2 - Brown Bag Sugar Beets
  6. Plot 9 - Bulldog Alfalfa and Brown Bag Red Clover
  7. Plot 1a - Durana Clover
  8. Plot 5 - Brown Bag Daikon Radish
  9. Plot 6 - Tecomate Max Attract
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