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Submitted By Comment Buck 1 Buck 2
jonnyg Buck #1 has a flat belly no sag and the chest is narrow and not bulging at all. Buck #2 has a saggy belly and wider hips and slightly sagging spine. 3.5 6.5

Jim Meyers 1st buck looks like he is in his prime slender belly-while second buck looks like a regressive deer pot bellied and wider in the hips. 3.5 6.5

Dave Wilson Buck #1 is mature but still younger. His belly is still high and chest full but not wide. Buck #2 has the belly and full chest of an older deer. 3.5 5.5

John Allmand antler size and body shapes 3.5 2.5

gary 1 no belly sag wide rack no2 small shaggy not allert acts young 3.5 1.5

craig Buck 1: Body size is good but antlers givehim away. Buck 2: I think this buck was a fawn last year. 2.5 1.5

Lee 1st buck looks like a thoroughbred - nice and sleek, thin waist, etc. 2nd buck - blocky body even in the winter. 3.5 6.5

chad tomlin Buck #1 I believe to be 3-3.5 years old, because of his long muscular body. Buck #2 I beleive to be 2-2.5 years old , because of his short blocky head and body. 3.5 2.5

huntndoug The 1st buck has the body structure of a younger buck. Older deer have a belly. Just like us as we get older. The rack is misleading. The second buck is older but not real old. At 4 + years the roman nose starts to show more along with the belly and the second buck's nose change is just starting to be seen. 2.5 3.5

fousty The lack of mass on the bases and on the beam tells me the are probably both 3.5 year olds 3.5 3.5

Emery Connor Body makeup and moving characteristics. 3.5 2.5

mitchell sullivan They both look young with lean bodies and flat stomachs 3.5 2.5

Shannon Clifton I don't know, I don't ever see deer that big or old in NC. I just guessed. 6.5 3.5

Dave Miniger antler mass, main beam length, head shape, stomach sag 2.5 1.5

Mark Brisbin I looked at the length of the head, the greyness of the fur on their face and the weight of their antlers. I also watched their actions as they were walking. 5.5 2.5

ChrisS Buck #1 has a short stubby nose. Larger frame rack but not much mass. Larger front quarters than the hind quarters. Buck #2 has the longer nose smaller frame and the front quarters and hind quarters are approximately the same size. 4.5 2.5

Steven Charpentier Just my opinion on some of the bucks I have seen: genetics, and health are key factors. 4.5 3.5

Mitchell Boyd #1: No pot belly, but moderate depth of chest, still pretty leggy #2: Wide through chest, not especially deep or pot bellied, slight Roman nose 3.5 4.5

Mitch Osborn Can't tell for sure unless you ear tag them at birth. These are only guesses. 4.5 2.5

jury first is well build in front part is a older fighter second is still a boy like he moves 8.5 2.5

Jon Neubauer Buck #1 looks like a 3.5 year old. Its chest shows signs of getting deeper but it still has a pretty straight back and not much sag to its belly. The rack has some width to it but it lacks the mass of a mature deer. Buck #2 has a pretty young looking body aswell. No sag to the back or depth in the chest area. Obviously the rack is a bit on the small side. 3.5 2.5

jury first is well build in front part is a older fighter second is still a boy like he moves 8.5 2.5

willie johnson 100hunter Buck one has small frame wide full rack which demonstrates maturity, no thick mass which is normal for connecut bucks. Buck two has dark coat, short face and dark ankles which are only found on older bucks or swamp bucks, but terrain was hill oak grove. 4.5 5.5

Pete Jazdzyk To me buck #1 had more belly and neck to him but did not look old or as heavy as a 5 1/2 or 6 1/2 would. Buck #2 just had that "young deer" face and looked slender while not a yearling. 4.5 2.5

wesleylhahn the first buck has really clean and young looking fur, even though it has a large rack the second buck looks too scruffy to be that young! 2.5 3.5

wesleylhahn the first buck has really clean and young looking fur, even though it has a large rack the second buck looks too scruffy to be that young! 2.5 3.5

todd ? 4.5 3.5

Brian Gunnell Buck number on is a full healthy buck with rack well past ears big full chest shooter for sure. Buck #2 still young and skinny needs to grow for another year or two 5.5 3.5

Ray Buck number one exhibits a box shaped chest cavity with a low brisket. Buck number two is a shade rounder and doesn't appear to have reached full maturity. 5.5 3.5

Daniel Starcher By the looks and actions of each deer. 3.5 6.5

Kelly Crone I don't hunt whitetails,just muleys, so I'm probrobly way off. Buck one looks healthy, like he's getting to his prime. Buck two is dark and maybe past his prime. 2.5 5.5

Billy Martin Neither deer is prime age wise....the fist buck seems 4.5 to 5 with a little bigger body but none of the characteristics of the older mature deer like a heavy nose and saggy belly and back. The 2nd buck is almost not a shooter if you are looking for management, the altlers are not very well developed and the body is still slim, youthful and tight, not many hard winters yet. The 2nd is definately not a shooter for me and the first one would only be on end of season choice to fill a tag and still doubtful! 4.5 3.5


John Buck Both of these deer look fairly young to me. they're both kind of skinny in the belly and still show pretty good definition in the neck/shoulder transition. I don't know much about genetics/nutrition in Connecticut but where I hunt the second buck could easily be a yearling (1 1/2). 1.5 2.5

Mindy Miller buck number one looks the oldest. his body language tells me that he has been around for awhile and you can tell his body is bigger. buck number two looks young and acts as if he has no worries which tells me he is young and inexpierianced when it comes to being around hunters. 5.5 2.5

Nick Miller buck number one is clearly older than buck number 2. Buck number one has a much larger and more filled out body, and his face looks very old. Buck number 2 has a smaller body and his face is narrow and young, not to mention his rack is smaller. 4.5 2.5

Nick Miller buck number one is clearly older than buck number 2. Buck number one has a much larger and more filled out body, and his face looks very old. Buck number 2 has a smaller body and his face is narrow and young, not to mention his rack is smaller. 4.5 2.5

John Rufner Healthy, and looks too big to be younger than 4.5 but no swayback. #2 just looks older in the one picture. Muzzle looks older. 4.5 5.5

Dan Lappin Either one of them do not have the pronounced roman nose that ages a deer so I am going to guess on the younger side for both. 3.5 2.5

John Atkinson You can see the youth in Buck #2. Skinny nose and young eyes. Buck #1 bigger gut area stocky neck and head. 4.5 2.5

Nick Papa #1 Mature, but not with belly and jowls of older deer. #2 Younger deer. More than yearlings, but not full grown. 3.5 2.5

Joe Molinaro Just a SWAG!!!!!!! 7.5 5.5

Colllin #1 He has a very muscular body. His legs seem to fit his frame. #2 He is not very muscular. His back legs are too long for his body. 4.5 2.5

Joey Rott Looks like it to me. 4.5 2.5

David Ard Buck#1 has more of a flat belly. Buck#2 has more of extended belly and looks older. 2.5 4.5

Scot I would shoot #1 in a hurry but i would pass on #2 3.5 1.5

Brad Millard Body size, antler growth, no indications these are fully mature deer. 3.5 1.5

Ed Kruzel #1 has a look of a race horse with antlers past the ears. Broad chest and neck, dark tarsals. #2 Elongated face, neck and chest not so impressive. Nice rack but not near its potential yet. 3.5 2.5

Mike Buck 1 nice combination of body type and size. Buck 2 smallish with a round and young almost fawn like shape 5.5 2.5

John Lewis Body size. Buck 1 has a larger rack but age alone does'nt make for a larger rack. 3.5 5.5

Todd Wensman Buck 1 appears to be more skittish,thus older and wiser. 4.5 3.5

keith nichols Buck 1 rack width, muture brow and tarsal gland, full thru chest and hind quarters. Buck 2 rack less developed, thinner not as developed thru front and hind quarters. thin and elongated face. brow and tarsal not dark enough to be mature deer. 4.5 3.5


Ronald Arbach the body &the mass of the horn 3.5 2.5

Don Jones Buck No. 1 is showing the signs of age in his face but still appears very sleek along the belly-line, filling out in the brisket. Buck No. 2 has a good sized body and stock, roundish build but the face of a young deer. Looks like a fat little kid. 4.5 3.5

frank # 1 long nose ,big shoulders , sag in belly # 2 short nose , not much mass, legs look long 4.5 2.5

chris raming conformation and rack size 3.5 1.5

Scott Just based it on size of deer, width/size of rack..and a little bit on how the deer reacted 3.5 1.5

Sam Buck #1 facial features tell me he is mature, also demonstrates manners of mature deer. Buck #2 looks to be 3 1/2 4.5 3.5

michael obrien just what i think... 3.5 2.5

Matthew Smith Both of these look like younger deer with pretty good genes. #1 is starting to get the body size but doesn't have much antler mass. #2 is a much smaller deer; has only had one full growing season. 2.5 1.5

Brian Buck #1 is a fairly large sized body deer and is beginning to develop some mass on the base of his antlers which is carried out on his main beams. There is very little grey in his muzzle and his back is not beginning to sag which leads me to believe it is not a very old deer. Buck #2 also has a decent sized body however it seems to be very young in the face and looks as if this is probably only his second pair of antlers. 3.5 2.5

Jack Baker First buck looks appears to be going into his prime but not quite there with antler mase. Second buck is big bodied and appears to have that Roman nose thing going on could be of the decline. Of course I'm in GA and nearly all big bodied deer 4.5 and up. 5.5 9.5

jim mrdutt Buck #2 has a big humped nose bridge. 1.5 4.5

Dale E Ormiston .. 2.5 1.5

lewis Just a wild guess 3.5 2.5

Don Buck #1-large ears, long legs, and defined neck and shoulders lead me to think 2 1/2 with good genetics. Buck#2-Looks a little more squatty, smaller ears and more mass around base of neck. I'm going with 3 1/2 and bad genetics. 2.5 3.5

Steve Mormino Looking at the skull size and body length. 2.5 3.5

KJB #2 buck is to big for a 2 1/2 yr with the neck and shoulders and ass. # 1 buck looks tall and starting to get a nice belly 4.5 3.5

vance gawel Buck #1 has a bit more of the bull look than #2. #2 tempted me to guess 2.5 but in the end I couldn't do it. 4.5 3.5

Duane Sauvageau When you take a look at their bellies buck #2 is starting to get a little sag in it. Buck #1 is pretty tight in the mid region. 2.5 4.5

jason lynde #1 is a big deer but not as filled out as an older deer. #2 not as gangly as a 1.5 year old but back legs look long and skinny, hind quarters not filled out. 3.5 2.5

Jd Murph Judging my body mass and thickness of neck, and rounding of the rump. To me #1 looks like the younger of the two. 3.5 4.5

Barry Hughes Just playin' the game 4.5 1.5

P. Bancroft #1 had a deep chest with thick shoulders, but legs weren't overly short for the body, showed tarsal stains, but doesn't look like enough belly for older than 4.5 #2 had a sleek body, tarsal stains, not too deep of a chest, legs fit the body , voted 3.5 but could be 4.5 4.5 3.5

Jim Beam Its Connecticut doubt they have great genetics. 6.5 4.5

Jerome A Ragusa Buck #1 Shorter Snout/nose & small hump on back, not a sagging belly, legs relatively long for body Buck #2 Long Snout/nose & no hump on back, not a sagging belly, legs relatively long for body 3.5 2.5

Dave Schucknecht Really lack any belly sag or sway back on buck #1, Could be 4.5 but i dont think so, Buck 2 is short body younger deer i think he has one season under his belt so im guessing 2.5. 3.5 2.5

Tom Brachbill Buck #1 is not fully filld out in the chest and seems a little leggy. Antlers barly as wide as his ears and with some mass at base. 3 1/2 years Buck #2 is not filled out in the chest, antler width is not as wide as e ears with not much mass. 2 1/2 years old 3.5 2.5

Norman Parks Based on body size and antlers I would think that buck 1 was a year older than buck 1. Not being familiar with Connecticut deer I guessed 4.5 and 3.5 but could have gone with 3.5 and 2.5 4.5 3.5

Russell Picard Buck 1 looks like a Connecticut buck in his prime. Buck 2 still has his baby face on. 4.5 2.5

Owen Ono Guessing 3.5 2.5

Kevin Hetrick Buck #1 has antler size but no mass, I believe that he is a 2.5 based on his body, nose,and antler growth. Buck #2 is also a younger buck based on his body, nose, and antler size = 1 1/2 yrs old 2.5 1.5

Daniel Thornton Buck#1 white face good muscle structure but no saggin brisket or belly Buck#2 Brown Face Good Muscle no belly or brisket sag 4.5 3.5

Joe both look a bit young but with the body mass on the first and larger antler growth i think he has seen a few years and would develope into a much heavier rack in the next year or two. The second buck looks like he has been through at least a year and is coming into his antler growth in what i would descibe as normal for a young deer over two years old. 4.5 2.5

Glenver DeWees Buck number 2 is 1 and half year old but not yet a 2 or 2.5 year old. I believe Buck 1 is a 2.5 year old but maybe close to 3 but he is not any older than that. He is cautious but not enough. I take 3.5 and 4.5 year old Bucks andthey are rarely out when season is in unless it is the peak of the rut. 2.5 1.5

Farrett Van Winkle Well to me... the neck in photo one is a lot thicker and the rack is I think is a little bit larger. But both look simular to me. 4.5 2.5

Todd Pickering Both deer look like big body deer, but I believe the second deer is much younger than the first. 5.5 2.5

Aaron Buck number one looks fairly young because he doesnt have a pot belly or any loose skin so i guess 3.5 and buck number 2 looked kinda tricky because the rack isnt impressive at all but the body is really pretty good size but on the face i dont see any grey or aging so i figured he has just been eating really well. 3.5 1.5

Scott McDowell Buck #1 looks like he is past his prime. #2 buck looks to have good mass and is getting near his prime. 7.5 3.5

Brian Buck 1 looks to be on the beginning side of maturity, just doesn't have the sag of a 5.5 or 6. Buck 2 just has that younger look to him. Rack is getting some growth, just doesn't carry any mass. Body shape is young. 4.5 2.5

chris smith Making the choices based on the facial and body features, not the antler sizes. 3.5 1.5

rusty sims buck #1 shows maturity in his face and shape of his body.buck #2 looks younger than the first buck so i guess 3.5 5.5 3.5

eskimo-bert long brow tines----- not alot of mass though 2-- 8 point- low on length and mass young deer --but not a 1.5 yr. old 3.5 2.5

Jeffrey K. Travis nice average bucks for the northeast, but neither one is particularly aged...body dimensions and antler bases prove that...I'd still stick an arrow into either one of them though..... 2.5 1.5

Dan Christensen Neither one was fully developed in the body. First buck just had better nutrition or genetics. 2.5 2.5

Colin Kishi Just a guess 2.5 4.5

Ccoutdoors No. 1 looks like on the down hill side. 8.5 1.5

Matt Thomas Buck 1: Mature look in wider face, barrel chest, wide rack with good mass. Buck 2: Younger looking face, Small rack not much mass, neck and chest tuck in, color 5.5 2.5

rick morgan Body mass/neck size on #1 show a good mature deer but his face colour doesn't lead me to believe he's much older than 3.5 The second deer is thin, unwary no antler mass etc. He might have grown up to be decent but I would have let him walk to see what happens next year 3.5 1.5

peter sarter nice and dark theylook like they have been around abit 4.5 2.5

B. Tabor I'm guessing... I've been suprised by many a dead deer... I'd really need to see the teeth... ;) show us the teeth! 3.5 3.5

Bernie They are hard to judge since they look at alot different than the midwestern bucks I am used to seeing. Call me crazy but I think they are both 3.5 3.5 3.5

LESTER YORK Buck #1 has the body of a mature deer,Buck #2 looks like it has a shorter body maybe a young deer. 6.5 3.5

Rudy Hernandez Neither buck has a sway back or pot belly as would be expected of older bucks. Hair coat does not resemble that of an older deer. No roman nose. Buck 1 does look a little more mature than does Buck 2. Antlers on Buck 1 make him look older as well. 3.5 2.5

josh cobb Buck number one: longer face and fuller horns. Buck number two: shorter face less horn mass and short bodyed. 4.5 2.5

Robert Willson They just look real young. 1.5 1.5

Alex Hasenauer Looked at their body charctaristic of the body structure of the two deer to come up with the age. 6.5 4.5

mike mitchell based on how he approch the woods leads me to he has keen senses the 2nd does not show that 3.5 1.5

Rex Featherlin My guess on the first one comes from remembering a mobile hunt and the second is just a hunch. I have a hard time aging them east coast deer. 7.5 4.5

Carlos Angueira On Buck #1 his back is starting to sway suggesting an at least 4 year old deer. Deer #2 looks a lot younger with a straight back and smaller rack. 4.5 2.5

Wayne Masters Buck #1 has antler tips that appear to come half-way between his eye and the tip of his nose (typical of 3 1/2s). From the front view his beams (G1 to G2)have come down past a 45 degree angle (typical of 2 1/2s)and are approaching more horizontal (typical of 3 1/2s). He is 3 1/2. Buck #2 has antler tips slightly forward of the eye (typical of 2 1/2s). From the front view his beams (G1 to G2)are most nearly at a 45 degree angle(typical of 2 1/2s). He is 2 1/2. Width, height and points mean nothing when it comes to aging whitetail bucks. Judging body characteristics is pure guesswork for the average deer hunter. 3.5 2.5

Roy H. Lerch #2-- Here in SE Penna. where I live most of the 1& a half year old's carry six or eight point racks, hardly ever see a spike or fork horn. Not enough body weight on buck #2 to be older. Buck #1 is 3 1/2, maybe 4 1/2 as the body is there. I'm going with 3 1/2 as that 's what a SE Pa buck looks like. 4 1/2 year old's go well over 200 pounds and by the looks of #1 he should field dress out at about 180 lbs. 3.5 1.5

John Buck #1 has a bit of body mass that you do not usually see on a 1.5 old. 2.5 1.5

Kerry S Kalchbrenner buck 1 was fit without sagging of stomach area muscular build wasnt to defined as of yet.buck 2 had a more sculpted muscular structure and minor sagging as a more mature animal would have. 2.5 3.5

Robert Johnson III I think they are both young deer with good genetics. Their body sizes look similar. Not much mass on either rack. Both are beautiful bucks though. 2.5 2.5

Phillip McDonald #1: Body size, face structure, and causious but not too causious demeanor makes me think he is over 2.5 but not 4.5. My choice 3.5. #2: Body size, immature face and body structure, and lack of attention makes me think he is definitely over 1.5 but not mature enough to be a 3.5. My choice 2.5 3.5 2.5

Buck Castle I'm guessing, but the first buck strikes me as a muscled up teenager blessed with a big rack so I am going to say that he is still fairly young, while the second seemed to look like he had been through some hard times. He had a very pronounced belly line and very big chest, even though his horns don't show it I think he is an older deer. 2.5 3.5

Reid Johnson Buck one is wider than his ears and looks like he would be around 3 1/2 years old. Buck two looks like a young buck, but his rack looks like he would have to be at least 2 1/2 years old. 3.5 2.5

Dave Fabian buck #1 mass is not there yet, but his g1's have some length, no pot bell or high nose and the region he's from makes me go 3.5 rather than 2.5 buck #2 going 2.5, young face inmature antlers going by photos on both, can't get videos to run 3.5 2.5

Shane Morrill Buck one though looking like the bigger deer, looks young to me, the antlers and nose tell me its not a year and ahalf so I went 2 1\2. Buck 2 to me though small looks older and has had to go through an entire winter. 2.5 4.5

brad buck 1 just doesnt look fileed out enough, and body isnt as long as it should be. as far as buck 2 goes, its snout is short and body length is as well. definitely a young healthy deer though. 2.5 1.5

Greg Nelson Size of bodies and racks indicate that the #1 buck is 3.5 and the #2 buck is 2.5, seen enough bucks in my 30 years of hunting to guess them at that. 3.5 2.5

Gerald Lytle The first buck had a level body. The deep chest but no sagging belly to talk about. Just filled in completely. Fully mature. The second buck had skinny legs with not as deep of a chest. 4.5 2.5

Brendt Johnson First buck is longer with his belly coming up from his chest, but has some good width with his rack. Second buck is short with his rack just outside of the years. Almost went with a year and a half on him. 3.5 2.5

G. Alford Buck #1 is too small to be a 3.5 y.o., the chest and rear haunch are not overly developed. Typically this is comparable to what we see in central New York. Buck #2 is a little more barrel chested and his girth is a little larger than buck#1. And also assuming good genetics in this particular area the antlers haven't reached their full potential as a 4.5 y.o. 2.5 3.5

jason neither deer exibit sagging skin or greyness. 3.5 2.5

Jimmy Hahn Basically, I am making my judgements on the development and characteristics of their bodies. But this could all change depending on what kind of diet each deer had. 4.5 3.5

fred terrill BEST I COULD DO WITH WHAT I COULD SEE 4.5 2.5

Mike Smith Body size was the main reason I made my guess. 4.5 2.5

Ethan Ash First buck looked mature without having the swayed back and roman nose, so not fully mature but close, second deer looked to have longer looking legs, skinnier legs and was paying more attention to food during peak rut in the picture than chasing does, which ussually means less mature. 4.5 3.5

Ben Corvin Buck1 Filled out fully and bones fully devoloped but not sway backed. Buck2 not fully filled or muscles and bones not fully devoloped. 3.5 2.5

reddog buck 1 he had no sway in his back brisket was there so 3 1/2. buck 2 is 2 1/2 little briscket and square back 3.5 2.5

Russ Barnes #1 Antlers ouside of ears, 8 points, belly and neck not as big as an older deer. #2 body mass, antler mass and width smaller. 3.5 2.5

Robert Forss Buck 1 just seemed to carry himself more like an "older"deer. Buck 2 doesn't have the same body bulk. 4.5 3.5

John Just a guess. 1.5 3.5

larry b both young. good body size northern climate. not great antler genes. no back sway tarsals not to real dark. 3.5 2.5

mike I am just guessing 3.5 2.5

Brian Lieving #1 is a mature aniaml but not completly filled out. I considered calling him a 4.5 #2 is clearly a younger deer but looks too thick inthe body to be a 1.5 3.5 2.5

Rod Rice I made my dission basted on the size of their head, neck, and chest. As a buck gets age and has a good diet their heads often look to small for their body. I couldnt see the curve to the back that often it noticable in a buck 3.5 years old or older. 1.5 1.5

Kelly Wendlandt Both young bucks, with the first a year away from building mass along with his already nice width and tine length. 2nd ones a couple years away from being a shooter, and depending on genetics may never get there (although he may be big as well, too soon to tell). 3.5 2.5

Terry Charles Both have bodies and faces that make them look like young deer. 3.5 2.5

William Harrison Even body size from front to back on #1. Shorter legs compared to body. Buck #2 Longer legs compared to body thickness. 4.5 2.5

Stu Kuehl #1. Straight back, straight belly, short tine length, and lacking mass of an older deer #2. past prime 3.5 6.5

Jon Otten Basically, both look robust for their age, IMHO however the thickness of the lower beams arent there as in older deer. So I think they are younger than most would guess. 3.5 2.5

Jeff Kingsbury Both deer are obviouslly over 2.5 and neither buck has that drop chest of a older buck so I believe both are 3.5 years old 3.5 3.5

abe both look pretty young. buck 1 could be 3 1/2 but im going with my gut instinct 2.5 2.5

WBowhunt Looking at Belly Line, facial features and although antler size is not usually a good determination. Looking at that compared to overall mass at the bases compared with overall body size and general health appearance. 4.5 2.5

Tony Lail young face, no sagging gut yet, small neck 2.5 1.5

richard Deer 1 even though rack was nicer was a younger deer sleek look, thin neck, no roman nose and straight back. Deer 2 had more pronounced roman nose, more of a pot belly and a little sway in the back. Even though a smaller rack a little older deer. 3.5 4.5

Jeff buck 1 has a very heavy but sleek body with a barrel chest and slender waist. buck 2 has more of a pot belly but no sway in the back. 2.5 3.5

Gary Scheel 1st buck, fairly straight back, long somewhat skinny neck somewhat short snout, no saggy belly. 2nd buck starting to get the sag back, shorter neck, smaller hind qtrs, small sagging belly, a bit longer snout. 2.5 3.5

Tim Staley Buck 1 - Typical of a 3 year old + buck. Nice size but not a great deal of mass. Buck 2 - Typical of a 2 year old + buck. Small brow times and probably the first time the buck had 8 points. 3.5 2.5

jerry deer number one has the muscle mass of a developing mature deer just coming into prime, ie. 4 and a half. Deer number two is just entering maturity still developing, 3 and a half. 4.5 3.5

Brandon Roberts Buck number one looks like a big 2.5 year old deer. However in the video he is very cautious and aware of his surroundings which makes me think that he is 3.5. Buck number two looks like a descent 2.5 year old deer. His body is a little bit on the small side but overall he looks and acts like a two year old deer. 3.5 2.5

Guyhunter4 First we don't know where these deer are from/part of the country. So here we go, buck 1 muscles aren't very well developed. Like a 3.5 year old and very little antler mass. Buck #2 is showing showing some muscle maturity and antler mass. And body mass. 2.5 3.5

Troy Eller Buck 1 has more mucle and buck two does not have that yet. 4.5 2.5

MC Based on body size/features as well as antler size, width and mass. Wouldn't be tertibly surprised if they are both a year younger than - but it is Conneticut, not Iowa. 3.5 2.5

ken I believe b-1 is older and wiser,than b-2.Just my guess. 2.5 1.5

charlie #1 not blocky looking enough to be very old #2 face lookd too stubby to be very old 4.5 2.5

tom zumpetta buck 1, was more muscled and thicker throughout, also much more warier. Horns much morefilled out. more of a roman nose as well as larger head Buck2 not as filled outas the othernot as spooky either. Hard to tell though from the angle. 4.5 2.5

J.W Fitz Buck 1 had good size but no hanging belly. buck 2 had short nose to eye and fairly small shoulder width. common bucks with good heard management.Most of our 1.5 year buck score in low 120s -100 2.5 1.5

Todd Keller I think buck #1 is older. I'm not familiar with east coast bucks, so this is just my guess. 4.5 2.5

Michael Mutz Buck #1 had a large head with the white hair around his eyes expanding into his face, signs of an older buck. His body behavior and movement was more alert and cautious. He was slow and methodical in motion. Buck #2 looked to be a year younger because he wasn't very grey-haired around the face, and his head wasn't overly large. His antlers may not be huge, but the his body width and belly suggests he may be 3.5 years old. 4.5 3.5

Robert Buck one had signs of body starting to fill out. Buck two looked still younger 4.5 3.5

Nathan Killen Buck #1 I thought could be 4 1/2, but chose 3 1/2 because I didnt feel he was quite "blocky" enough to be a 4 year old. Buck #2 I chose 2 1/2 but could be 3 1/2. I prefer to age a buck to the lesser year I think he is just so I dont mistakenly shoot a buck I would later regret shooting. Also bucks born late could take up to 4 years to catch up with bucks of the same age born earlier. If these bucks were from the mid-west I would feel my answers were spot on, but bucks from the east seem to be slower showing there age which can make aging more difficult. 3.5 2.5

Mark Green buck #1 is surley older but dont think he is a fully mature,buck #2 is still a very young buck my instinct tells me he may be 1 1/2 but went with 2 1/2 because of his antler development 4.5 2.5

Rick Campbell Deer 1 - The front shoulders are starting to fill in and the belly line is almost parallel with the back. Hind quarters still haven't filled in like a fully mature deer. Deer 2 - The body is still very immature, small front shoulders and tapered belly line. Hind quarters are very lean. 3.5 1.5

brian elling buck #1- his front and hindquarters are proportioned evenly, and his head/face is long. buck #2 - small head/face, and body is not proportioned. 6.5 2.5

Rob Persichetti Rack mass and tine length for buck 1 is not in the 4 yr class. rack size here says it all, short skinny tines small base circumfrance. 3.5 2.5

Tim M Mostly a guess on what Connecticut big woods buck would look like. Buck 1 looks to be Peak age, Buck 2 seems like a younger up and comer but probably older than 2.5? All just a guess; That's why you need cementum annuli to tell for sure. 6.5 3.5

john warner buck #1 nice wide rack and knew something was up buck #2 has good genes and ate well the mass just wasnt there 3.5 1.5

Kurt Cassell Body size and shape for the area. 3.5 2.5

Steven Mitchell Buck#1 brisket not completely developed Buck#2 long hind legs, pointed noise 2.5 1.5

Predator 2 Both deer are young, slim necks, stand backs. Buck #1 maybe a 3.5 but his rack didn't have the mass you normally see with that age. Both looked to be nice healthy well feed deer, I would have shot either one. Thanks. 2.5 2.5

Rob C. Just a WAG. (wild azz guess) 2.5 1.5

mike #1 looks muscular,and prime for an arrow.he also has a thick neck and leg and a skinny skull. #2just looks really young small beak chicken legs looks like a small doe with antlers photoshopped on. looks health though. 4.5 2.5

Jarod Firmin First deer still had a defined neck line no sagging belly thats why my gues was 3.5 Second was obviously a year younger:^) 3.5 2.5

jeff mullins #1 - face, body, carriage. #2 - face, body, carriage 5.5 2.5

Terry Holland 1. gray on face, semi-straight back, good girth 2. young looking deer, narrow face, not much gray, high arch back 5.5 3.5

Paul White Facial features on the first suggest older age than the second. Rack on the second is typical for 2.5 year-old bucks I've seen. 3.5 2.5

Tony Oliver Both bucks lacked rack mass, and both bucks had necks that were small where they met the chest cavity. Plus, I slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night. 3.5 3.5

Jolynn Geer I think that buck # 1 is a big 3.5 year old. He has a large neck but his head doesn't seem as "bull-like" as most 4 year olds start to get. Buck #2 I think is a 2.5 year old. He seems to have great genetics though. 3.5 2.5

JD Filled out bodies, no sway backs, while Buck 1 was more cautious, could just have been hunted heavier. 4.5 4.5

BOB BUCK 1 looks more mature in the front broader shoulders and thick neck after the rut BUCK 2 looks more stream lined and shoulders not as developed as a mature buck could be 3.5 but fase and head look small 4.5 2.5

Mike Gerrity Buck 1 3.5 a very solid deer. Good mass and antler size. Chest, and shoulders still need developing. Nice straight back. Buck 2 1.5 Showed no nerves or cautiousness. Lacked muscular development. Face very young and doe like. 3.5 1.5

Eric Barnett Based on pics. I didn't watch the video 6.5 3.5

jesse barts Buck 1 was a heavy bodied animal. Buck 2 wasnt as heavy 3.5 1.5

roy krow Both Deer appear to be filled out. Buck #1 has good tine length but seems to not have alot of mass. Buck #2 has good body mass but not great antler size. He probably would have been real nice if he made it through to next year. 3.5 2.5

Jeff Cozad Buck #1 Body size and antler diameter is heavy with good tine length. Also watching his actions on the video. Buck #2 Nice body but small antler diameter and short tine length and also seemed less nervous in the video than an older buck would be. 4.5 2.5

Brian Bucks have good bodies but small racks. Not a genetically rich area. Takes a few years to grow much horn in my opinion. 5.5 3.5

kghunter The last few seconds of the video one can see a pronounced roman nose in buck #2 plus it looks longer than buck 1 which in my books is a good indication to the age of a buck. 4.5 7.5

joe holcomb the body on buck #1 looks a lot younger and seems to be more healthy but #2 has a darker coat and less antler so im thinking hes and older buck on his down side of antler growth 2.5 3.5

Jeremy Just looking at the bodies of both deer, neither showed the characteristics of an "old" buck. The first deer was just starting to get the sway in his back and was starting to fill out. The second deer was still very lean and had not begun to fill out. 3.5 2.5

dave foulkrod first buck is lean no roman nose and the bases of his antlers are smaller than his eye.but his actions say he has seen a cple seasons of hunting. second buck is got a little pot belly as well as a roman nose but if he was 5 or older he should be fatter. im thinkin this buck is a little more active and not so much of a home body that i believe older bucks tend to well his antlers half a little more mass 3.5 4.5

Brandon Just what I think. Deer in different parts of the country will look different, depending on what food sources and weather are like. I mike them both though, and would be proud of both of them. 4.5 2.5

chad workman deer one had thiner horns and deer 2 thicker horns 3.5 9.5

Josh Beaman Glad I'm not hunting Connecticut! 4.5 2.5

Phil Mannon Buck # 1 started to to get some width, as well as his back had a slight sway to it. Brow tines and and and overall mass was weak but showed potential in the bases. His body was just starting to fill out. Buck #2 was lacking all around, mass was weak width was indicative of a younger animal and the body was just to small to show signs of a mature animal. 2.5 1.5

Curtis Not looking at the rack but just body characteristics 3.5 2.5

Skip Sligh Nice big body on 1st one, it'd be 4.5 before it was 2.5 BUT my guess is 3.5. Pretty sure on 2.5 for second. Cool contest! 3.5 2.5

Keith Fabis Buck #1 has a longer body, still wedge shaped (no paunch) and not a lot of bulk in the muscle, but was able to spare enough mineral for a promising rack. Buck #2 Has a short body and face, legs to body look square 3.5 2.5

Doug buck two baby faceface and body definitons of a 2.5 year old straight line back not that muscular underdeveloped rack with out the rack would has appeaRacne of a nice doe buck one more muscular nice defintion of body still straight line youngster back and still lacks the older aldult look. based on my Wisconsin deer experieces, subspeceis on east coast may well have different ageing patterns 2.5 1.5

Stan Smith buck one is difficult to tell with no profile shot, but buck two has a short snout. 3.5 2.5

Dave Young #1 heavy body and full face almost went with 6.5 #2 smaller but couldn't get a good enough look at his face 5.5 2.5

ed fassler Buck 1 has some good bone/muscle structure in the chest. Appears to be a mature deer due to the tarsal staining, weight loss from the rut. Buck 2 does appear to be immature but good size for a 2.5 y/o 4.5 2.5

sam Just a guess. 6.5 2.5

Tom Sloniger Buck # 1, although pretty decent antler growth, seems to be a bit thin bodied to be mature...would have liked to get a better look at his facial profile. To me, buck #2 has adolescent written all over him, short snout, small bodied, and moves without a care. Just didn't seem to act like a buck with many bow seasons behind him. 2.5 1.5

Randall L. Dudley body size&antler development were the primary reasons for my choices 3.5 2.5

Mike Buck #1: Good length and mass, chest is still high, body has not filled out as much as you would see on a more mature buck. Buck #2: Small Rack, (possibly poor nutrition), short body, thin chest, front legs still look longer than on a mature buck. 3.5 2.5

Brad Buck 1 is a good looking deer without any sign of age that I can see. Doesn't appear to have reached his prime though. Buck 2 was tough for me. I just couldn't get an angle I felt comfortable with seeing what I wanted to see. I'm not really seeing a pronounced brisket like I would expect in an older deer and his nose appears odd but not necessarily "Roman". Just my guess 3.5 2.5

Chris Smolka Buck 2 seems a little young maybe a 2.5 year old and buck 1 seems to be a bit older. 4.5 2.5

Ed Hudson Buck 1 is wide but not to heavy. Buck 2 seems to have the roman nose going on and is in his decline. 3.5 6.5

Brian K based on body structure,characteristics. 5.5 3.5

scrapejuice Feel pretty sure that Buck #2 is 2.5. Buck #1 though could be 3.5, but I went with 4.5. 4.5 2.5

Pete J Tend to think Buck #2 is 2.5, but i suspect Pat has worked in a 'teaching moment' here somehow - maybe it's the bucks are the same age. 3.5 3.5

charles meyer Based on body mass and facial features 3.5 2.5

Bill Based on body size and shape 3.5 2.5

Chris Reeder Buck 1 looks older than 2. 4.5 3.5

mark body shape 3.5 2.5

logan heald buck 1 is a young deer you can tell because it has no slack skin. and by its face. Buck 2 is a little bit older deer, u can tell by its face. 1.5 2.5

Justin Broughton Buck #1 is still a young deer. His body doesn't have the sagging back and "filled out" look of a mature buck. He has some antler development but he has a ways to go to reach potential. Buck #2 is younger still. His head is not yet fully elongated and he has small ears. His body is not yet fully muscled or developed. 2.5 1.5

Reid Drastically different than Kansas or Midwest Buck Comparisons. 5.5 3.5

Don Hain Buck # 1 no sag in back, not very thick bodied. Buck # 2 thin nose, very thin bodied. 3.5 2.5

Michael Bennett Buck #1 is blocky in his front shoulders and lean in the hind quarters. His nose is skinny and long and very dark. The white markings on his face are more predominate so he is an older buck. Buck #2 is shorter bodied and even in the front quarters as well as the hind quarters. Definately a younger deer. 5.5 2.5

Scott Dreyer Buck no1 had good mass at the base of his antlers so I'll guess that buck to be 3.5 Buck no.2 looked like a young buck with good genetics he is 1.5 years old. 3.5 1.5

steve blackmon buck definately older just by looking at muscle and body structure, buck 2 is younger but eating good 5.5 2.5

DAN MURPHY buck 1 looks to have a more mature build. buck 2 less muscle. both shooters in my book.the picture of buck 2 main photo and night photo don't appear to be same amimal? makes it harder. anyone else see that? 4.5 2.5

Michael This state is not well known for its agriculture, ie food sources that is important for growing larger deer. Therefore, I expect that these deer are actually alot older than one would expect if they were harvested in Wisconsin, Minn, Mich, etc. Based on this hypothesis, I would guess the deer to actually be older than one would expect. 5.5 3.5

Kirk Gifford Body size 3.5 2.5

David Kendall Buck number one seemed more woods wise. Also spread appeared bigger then the number two buck. Buck number two did not appear to have as much mass or tine length. 3.5 2.5

Stanley T Fetrow Niether deer seeems to have the posture of a 5+ deer roman nose,belly,slight sway in the back so Im just quessing between three and four years of age 3.5 3.5

Joe Thomas buck 1 flatter stomach, grey in face area. More alert to its surroundings. buck 2 fatter stomach to me means younger deer, brown face and smaller antlers. 4.5 3.5

Andy 48 years of deer hunting 3.5 2.5

jon becker B1 more mature body structure but still room to fill out. B2 long nose and seems to not quit have solid mass. Needs some time. 3.5 2.5

Chris Whitcomb Don't have the sagging belly of a mature buck, but the do both have larger body sizes. Buck 2 looks a little older to me. 2.5 3.5

jason buck one moves like an older deer plus hes more skiddish then buck two also buck to doesnt seem as awear as buck one is 3.5 2.5

Gene W It appears 1 has a greater spread between antlers and a longer eye to tip of nose length. 7.5 3.5

dennis morris secret, if i told ya, i'd have kill ya, just kidding. # 1 looks to be older buck because, he's alittle more causous and a more mature body mas. #2 less body mas younger deer over all. 4.5 2.5

mitch buck one has a large body and his chest is starting to get bug he dosnt have much mass in hiss horns but i am from canada so i dont realy know what the deer down there look like buck two has a large body and a deep chest he looks mature 3.5 4.5

Tom Haes Buck #1 showing some age in the face but the stomach has not yet started to sag as an older deer's would. Buck #2 appears to have an almost fawnlike face and is not as wary as a mature animal would be. 4.5 1.5

Paul Groell Physiology and development. However, I am from the Midwest and overall condition and genetics could be somewhat different. 3.5 2.5

Lester Sauble It's really difficult to judge the age of a buck. There are many factors and antler size isn't necessarily a determining factor. To be honest this is all a guess. I actually think Buck #2 may be a little older, but who knows. 4.5 5.5

Luke Weiland Looking at the muscular tone between these deer makes it pretty easy. Second deer is a bit deceiving due to its overall small body structure. 4.5 3.5

Ed Huff Buck#1-Due to size of head and body structure appears to be over 2.5 but no sway back and pot belly so less than 5.Main beams at head not too massive,also bones in legs not too massive.That's why is went with 3.5. Buck#2 had short head small body smaller antlers,etc.That's why I went with 2.5. 3.5 2.5

Zazmolxis From the videos, based on body, antlers, reaction to stimuli I would place buck #1 at 3.5 years while buck #2 is only 2.5 years old. The back straps are delicious on both regardless of age. 3.5 2.5

Gregg Cozart Benn hunting a long time and just guessing by horns , coat, general actions, body size of the bucks 4.5 5.5

Carl Courser I looked these deer over several times #1 has a better rack but lacks the bulk of a mature deer so i am saying he is 3.5 years old. #2's face looks older and he has a heavy belly but lacks the antler growth of #1 but i think that is because his genes aren't as good. So i am going to say he is 4.5 years old . Thanks for the chance to guess these bucks 3.5 4.5

Jim size of necks, body 2.5 3.5

Clint Appling Buck 1 still has that youthful sleek look. Though larger than many young deer I've seen, he still doesn't have a large belly hanging down. Buck 2 appears much older due to a few factors: the width of his hips and belly as well as his belly hanging more. Also his face appears aged more with his coat not as sleek. 3.5 6.5

Mark Shopene I think these deer are probably 2 years apart. The body on deer number 1 has not filled out yet even though his antlers are much better. Deer #2 has a tank of a body and his knees are getting bigger but his back is not swaying yet. They could just as easily be 3.5 and 5.5 but I just can't put #1 at 3.5. I would have loved to see him at 4.5. 2.5 4.5

Doug Brown that's their age-explaination enough 3.5 2.5

Scoot Both fairly young deer. The rack on Deer #1 swayed me from 2.5 to 3.5. 3.5 2.5

Rich Garini I believe the first deer has an immature body structure. The second deer, although looks younger in facial structure, has a more mature body despite the smaller rack. 3.5 5.5

EW Grimes Comparing to aging poster from QDMA Tarsal staining, neck widths and Backs and bellies are flat level and tight. 3.5 2.5

John M small body features on both deer 2.5 1.5

Greg Frederick Body structure and the way they carry themselves:) 4.5 2.5

Randy Schmoll Even though the second buck has a smaller rack, I think he is an older deer. Not as sleek,and more stubby than the first. 4.5 5.5

Rob Lane First deer has a large full body, big neck and sagging stomach. Second deer doesnt seem to have fully grown into this body yet, but is clearly not a 2.5 year old. 5.5 3.5

Tod Moore Both deer have a fairly even back,dont see a roman nose on either and no mass on them. Both are fairly young! 3.5 2.5

Robert Motyka buck 1 neck&face:firm but not saging belly Buck #2 face chest mature:belly staring to sag 3.5 4.5

Adam Augustine Just a guess, unless you have followed these deer since they were born, there is no definite way to age them on the hoof. 6.5 3.5

Curtis Yoder Both bucks appear to be 3.5 years old. They both have a deep, well muscled chest, but the neck does not flow out of it seamlessly as it would appear to in a 4.5 year old. Neither one appears to have the swayed back or sagging belly that are other characteristics of 4.5 and older deer. They have the racehorse like appearance and muscle development that puts them above 2.5 years old. As far as the racks are concerned, I think it would be possible for either to be an exceptional 2.5 year old, but given the other body characteristics, they are clearly older than that. I could be tempted to put buck 1 at 4.5, but certainly not any older. Buck 2 could more easily be a 2.5 than a 4.5 in my mind. 3.5 3.5

John Frankenburger body size 3.5 4.5

Gordon Gunther Based on body size and lack of mass 3.5 2.5

Eli McKee Buck 1= 4.5 years old because of his big body swelled neck and nice antlers. Buck 2= 2.5 years old because of small body feature small rack and not large not neck 4.5 2.5

alex czajka #1has wide body. #2has roman nose 3.5 4.5

GregS #1 Longer face but no droop in belly #2 short face, tight belly 4.5 2.5

jeff weeks went by body development and facial graying 5.5 3.5

jeff weeks went by body development and facial graying 5.5 3.5

Rupe The first buck just looks old, especially at about the 20 second mark and how wary it was. Buck #2 for me video not conclusive enough to make a good observation so I took a guess based on the little I did say and say 3.5 and how the other deer moved away when it came into the opening at the end of the video 7.5 3.5

Robert Wood Buck #1 looks mature, with big heavy frame, and long old nose. Buck #2 still has short shout, and shorter body. Doesn't look complete yet. 5.5 3.5

Mike D Decent antler size, body formation is what I looked at. #1 was a little more square that #2 but neither had that old deer look to me. 3.5 2.5

johnnie waddles buck #1 because his neck and width of body Buck #2 an older buck whos antlers are on the down swing 4.5 8.5

rudy sadowsky gut feeling. buck 1 is a nicer deer 4.5 3.5

dan buck one just looks young buck two looks a bit older but not down hill old 2.5 4.5

Jason Doupe Just going by the size of the rack. I could be off on #1...the rack has good width....I guess we'll see!!! 3.5 2.5

Jim Metzler Buck 1 still has a sleek body, backline does not swoop down and although his antlers are a nice size they also do not have much mass to them. Buck 2 is much bigger around the midsection, but he also does not have a sagging backline. His antlers appear to be somewhat small for this age but I am guessing that his genentics are not as good. 3.5 4.5

chris russeau they both look young but buck two has a bigger gut 2.5 3.5

Bob Barnette Buck #1 has a rectangular body and big neck typical of a mature buck, but lacks the deep brisket, pot belly, jowls, and curved back that older deer often have. Buck #2 has a thin face and legs that look long; also the lack of mass on his antlers suggest a younger deer. 4.5 2.5

bkbuiting Buck #1 has a broad set of shoulder and thick neck Buck #2 has a slim face/neck 2.5 1.5

Darrell Primmer Buck number one looks older but still not quit mature. Buck number two just looks young. Either way they would both get a pass from me to grow a bit more. 4.5 2.5

Brent Ruhlen Gut feeling. #1 doesn't have the body mass of a mature deer. #2 has a smaller rack and small body. 2.5 3.5

cme2hunt why not 2.5 3.5

Len Both deer would have been king or the forest given a few more years. Good genes. Buck 2 is young, buck 1 is either 2.5 or 3.5 just lacks the mass on the antlers, Beautiful 2.5 1.5

tony demski both deer are of good body weight. neither deer have the facial features of an older deer. both look like young deer. ie no gray faces or sway backs or sagging gut or facial skin. 1.5 2.5

Gail Body size and horn structure of both bucks tell the story 3.5 2.5

Amory Witcher The first buck clearly has a 3 years old rack and isn't fully mature. The second buck clearly has a 2 year old rack and is clearly a very young deer. 3.5 2.5

andy thomas could not see the video from the pic I thought they were young deer. 3.5 2.5

John Garrison just guessing by looking at them for 10 seconds each 4.5 6.5

Brian just guessing... 7.5 3.5

Chad Buck 1, if its the deer Pat has said he's seen for several years already, would make him a lot older than he appears. Acted like a more mature buck. The second has all the characteristics of a mature deer (except antler mass but appears to have that baby face still. Genetics are the wild card here. 6.5 4.5

Gary J. Hammett Buck #1 appears well muscled and filled out in the chest, with no sagging belly and a straight line in the back. His face is filled out and looks mature. Buck #2 has a juvenile look in the face and more of a slim and young look to his physique. 4.5 3.5

Louis Chest, Neck, & Nose 3.5 2.5

Jack Harris Buck one, has a well developed body, very muscular and fully developed, and a decent rack for about what you would expect a healthy Northeast buck to have in the NJ/NY/CT area... His nose is just starting to take on a bit of a roman shape. I think 4.5 should be about right... The second buck is not nearly as developed in body, more compact, but does look well fed and average antlers for a 2.5 year old. Looks bigger than a 1.5 year old but smaller than a 3.5 year old... These choices are so obvious I'm sure they are wrong though. Will probably find out buck #2 is 7.5 years old, and buck #1 is 2.5 !!!! 4.5 2.5

Michael Wayne McCune Just a guess just how they look 4.5 6.5

Glenn Taplin Buck one still has the racehorse belly, not a sagging one, plus his main beams when viewed from the side do not reach the end of his nose. There is still some separation between his neck and brisket instead of his neck extending from the brisket. Also, no antler mass, although he has a wide spread. He may have been an older deer, but there is no saggy facial skin, no sway back, and the previously mentioned lack of a pot belly. He looks like a race horse, big shoulders and neck, but no gut. Buck two is a young deer. No mass. Main beams short and not extending out far down his nose. Small neck. Doe-looking face. No sagging facial skin, and no sway back nor pot belly, and with hair erect, he looks like he has more muscle mass than he really does. Unfortunately, around San Antonio we never get to see them fluffed up due to the snow and cold, so who knows. 3.5 2.5

Joe ferraro Just thought you might be throwing us a curve even though buck 2 looks younger. Habitat, genetics??? 2.5 3.5

JIM DEANGELO Both deer didnt look very old. 2.5 2.5

Roger Thein I went by the legnth of there nose? 3.5 2.5

KBC Buck #1 looked and acted like a mature buck Buck #2 is a guess 3.5 1.5

Todd Anderson I could go with 4.5 years old on the 1st buck, but the neck didn't look quite large enough to make me go with that answer, so I backed it down to 3.5. The 2nd buck just looks like he's a year past being a 1.5 year old. Tough to guess though because I'm from IL so I could see both of these bucks being older than I'm guessing. 3.5 2.5

mike nagy buck 2 looks heavier in the body, somewhat lighter around the eyes. Buck 1 looks sleeker despite the higher rack and i thinkhe's the younger one of the 2. 3.5 4.5

Todd Barrett being that these deer are in Connecticut the genetics for bigger antlers probably isnt there. by looking at their bodies deer #1 looks 3.5 due to body structure where as deer #2 looks 2.5 by how short his nose is in the big picture as well as body size. 3.5 2.5

Sam Burrier Just my opinion but body size and antler size is key factor in my decision. 3.5 2.5

Mark buck one appears to be a very healthy buck with reasonably good genetics. The buck isn't as developed in the top of the neck and the area behind the withers to lead me to think he is beyond 3 1/2. Buck two lacks in frontal sinoid developement as well as neck and shoulder developement. though more difficult to age on sight 3.5 2.5

Mark buck one appears to be a very healthy buck with reasonably good genetics. The buck isn't as developed in the top of the neck and the area behind the withers to lead me to think he is beyond 3 1/2. Buck two lacks in frontal sinoid developement as well as neck and shoulder developement. though more difficult to age on sight 3.5 2.5

Jerry Adams Looking at actions and their eyes and body coloring is the way I made my picks 3.5 2.5

Brian Cronk both bucks have long legs and big hips. while both are over 100 inches which puts them out of the 1.5 year old category. Neither buck has filled out yet. SHoulders are not well defined. These are both prime examples of deer that will most likely be shot well before their prime. Consensus both immature whitetails with good food sources and genetics. These bucks will be giant once mature. 2.5 2.5

Scott Mueller #2 looks a little too big to be 2.5. #1 is pretty wide from the front 4.5 3.5

Derek Ballengee The 1st buck for one thing looks a good 2 or 3 years older than buck 2 and the 2nd buck looked about the same age as the buck I shot this season and it was about 3.5 years old. 4.5 2.5

bill ferguson buck1has a large but well built shoulder,heightand looping back.buck 2has a smaller and more narrowshoulder 4.5 2.5

Chuck Kemmerer Deer#1 Snout like a does. Belly not that low. Deer#2 Snout forming a hump.Belly a little lower. 2.5 3.5

steve howard just guessing. not good at aging deer. 3.5 2.5

lech deer #1 has a slightly dished face and a rounded to flat back Deer #2 you can just tell he is very young 3.5 1.5

DougO Both look young. 2.5 2.5

[email protected] The 1st buck was very alert like an older deer with a bigger body and rack. The 2nd buck was stupid and had no idea he was being watched like a careless younger deer, plus he had a smaller body and rack. 4.5 2.5

Jim Ike Buck one has the distinctive grayish hair on the bridge of the nose....age causes this, The second buck seems to have a good size body but the head etc, do not seem mature to full extend 4.5 3.5

jim schwitzgebel I think buck#2 is past it's prime and on the way down. 2.5 4.5

Andy Forand Just because 2.5 1.5

Gary Frederick 2.5 for buck #2, typical of what I see in NY for deer that age. If it's younger I should move to CT. 4.5 for buck #1, din't look older but the width made 3.5 seem too young. 4.5 2.5

Keith Lantta Not sure about genetics in Conneticut but my guess is based on horn size and body. First buck is definately older. 4.5 3.5

Greg Felty Just a wild guess. 3.5 2.5

steve young first buck look slim chest was not that big back was straight. second buck had big chest belly was big back had saddle back 2.5 4.5

Randal just some wild guesses from body size and mass and attitude. 3.5 2.5

Jim Pinheiro I usually like to look at the teeth when I age deer, but I would venture that buck #1 is a impressive deer with both big antler bases and a stout chest. He looked fairly smart from the video clip too, but not too smart. Buck #2 looks heavy with a large gut but lacks impressive body stance. I would have harvested both if given the chance. 4.5 3.5

Roger Yenn Buck 1 heavy from girth to flank almost straight line. Neck met below mid-line of chest. Antler mass average for 3.5-4.5 age buck. Buck 2 more confirmation from brisket to flank, not straight lined and minimal antler mass. 4.5 2.5

Gman #1 - roman nose; Haunch and front shoulder ratio. #2 - slender nose; slight build 4.5 2.5

Ronald P Storey Jr Both are young bucks...#1 showing a bit more maturity than #2. Neither have started sagging or paunching and neither are sporting a mature rack...and never will! 2.5 1.5

willy saucerman #1 no gut but strong front end #2 short nose no mass and pot belly on the downward trend 3.5 8.5

Darrell Coster I'm guessing two deer te same age from different areas. 3.5 3.5

PAUL BOCHE # 1 had more of a blocky frame and usually indicates an older deer. # 2 was a great deer but the body wasn't as square as #1, indicating a younger deer. Both had good antler formations but #2 was slightly thinner than #1 could be the diet or more age I think. 3.5 2.5

Billy Hulse face of deer #1 has darkened a bit but still somewhat young looking "babyfaced" and has decent body and neck size deer has broken antler probably from fight and scar on left flank antlers are decent spread but haven't reached full potential 3.5 2.5

David #1 Does not have the body of an older buck and given the non-shortage of food supply allows for fast growth. #2 This is a young buck, more than likely 2 1/2 years old. Neither of these deer have acquired the body mass or characteristics of an older deer. 3.5 2.5

scott robinson ridge on the back 4.5 3.5

Steve Davis I hunt CT and know that the antlers dont grow like they do in the midwest. These two Deer are GREAT Bucks for the area. They will be older than most think. 5.5 3.5

Adam Millard Buck #1 has a thicker neck but doesn't have the swayed back and big belly of a buck older than 4 1/2. Buck #2 has spindly antlers and has a pretty thin neck...his face looks to be older looking for a 1 1/2 year old but is lacking the characteristics of a 3 1/2 year old and his tarsals aren't stained black 3.5 2.5

Jim Byrne Rack size and body 3.5 2.5

Bruce Kann just cause 4.5 2.5

chris krop brisket, sway in back belly sag face overall thickness gives one 2.5 and the other 3.5 2.5 3.5

Kraig Wiser Judging by the look of the bodies on both and antler size is what I based my guesses on, just not old deer. 3.5 2.5

Jeff G Davis both should have been let walk 3.5 1.5

Don Spangler Buck # 1 Nice mass and broad stomach Buck #2 young buck not much mass 3.5 1.5

Dan paling Buck 1 appears to have a longer face and more antler growth than buck 2. Buck 2 appears to have a short boxy face without a much antler mass...more commonly seen in 2.5 y/o bucks. At least that's the way it usually goes here in Michigan 3.5 2.5

Ken Stovall Buck 1 seems a year older than buck 2 !! 3.5 2.5

Nick The first buck has a biiger body structure then #2. More body weight and a thicker neck. #2 seems to have a thinner nose. Also, #1 has a little more white on it's face. 3.5 2.5

Jason Lankford #1 Is a three year old based his neck and the way it meets his body, he is starting to fill out his chest area so I do not believe he is a four year old. #2 He is blocky with a good size neck meeting the body. He looks to be a two year old. Due to a shorter body and he moves like a young deer. 3.5 2.5

Jim Burns Going on the face and body size. 2.5 1.5

Knothead Buck no.1 is thin hipped and believe we would like to think he is older than what he is. just good breading and needs another year at least. Buck no.2 appears to be more big bellied and not of the best bloodline. Both should been allowed to walk at least another year to see what they could have been. What a shame! 2.5 3.5

pete stirnweiss # 1 looked young , no sway back or graying anywhere. # 2 older narrowing chest area, antlers looked to be on decline! 2.5 5.5

Corky DeMarco neck size, chest, straight back, no sag in stomach 3.5 2.5

Casey Nichols A guess is a guess, The one on top looks definately a year at least older than deer 2. Deer 2 is small but is not a spike which would make me think it is in its second (1.5) year since it is small. 2.5 1.5

Kent Kropp Buck#1 had a younger body than did buck#2 3.5 5.5

Chris Ward #1 has larger headgear, though not a true age indicator. The belly is big but not sagging. The neck is not super large either. #2 appears medium size though it's hard to scale with no referance. 4.5 3.5

nate kurtz buck #1 has great potential but he is either very young or malnourished. buck#2 has a slightly lower abdomen & a shorter snout, his attitude is also more conducive to older more experienced animals. 2.5 3.5

Tony Nienas Body size and hind quarters. not 100% sure of the browse available in this state. 4.5 2.5

Jason Robinson Buck 1- Heavier in body mass/girth and more full in face and head. Buck 2- Smaller head/frame. Less body mass than first. 4.5 2.5

Ryan Vincent Just a gut feeling! 4.5 2.5

Gy Lafreniere body volume and the mass of rack 3.5 2.5

Kyle Hansvall 4.5 for #1 because of his skittishness and 2.5 for #2 because of how care free and unaware he was. 4.5 2.5

Jack Ferrell Buck #1 not enough body mass. Buck#2 rack size and body mass. 2.5 2.5

Bill Wilson antler diameter and brisket shape 2.5 3.5

Scott Silvers Buck one has a straight back and narrow hindquarters.Also no sway in belly of an older deer. Buck 2 has a short narrow nose that gives me impression of an inmature deer. 2.5 1.5

michael gordon Body posture. 4.5 mucsle up possibly a 3,5 on #1 4.5 2.5

Bill Custer Buck 1 heavier in body and more full in face and head, Buck 2 young buck small skull frame no bulk in body. 3.5 2.5

Stephen Veatch 1st deer had a barrel midsection,long flat muzzle,and a developed brisket. 2nd,Looked like BAMBI. 4.5 2.5

ron poole number one has the body and hocks of a three and one half two is a young deer maybe two and one half 3.5 2.5

rutman rack and body size 3.5 2.5

Doug Burdette Buck #1 The legs still look spindly and too long for the body length. Antlers look thin like on a young Deer. Buck #2 Looks like the belly is sagging and the huge Roman nose makes it look older. 2.5 6.5

Sam Hogberg on the first one, he looked like a nice solid buck with very broad shoulders, and the second one had a smaller rack which doesn't totaly indicate his age, his body was a lot broader. 3.5 4.5

Donald Griggs buck one has fuller face and body, buck two is slender and has narrow face smaller horns 5.5 3.5

Todd Popek Buck # 1 I guess is 3.5 yrs old. Buck #2 I guess is 2.5 years old. 3.5 2.5

ron ralston looked like those ages 3.5 2.5

Bob Griffith Buck1 has wider rack, larger rack circumferance and large body mass. I judge him to be a mature buck. Buck2 seems to me to be a nice buck but alot younger and immature. 5.5 2.5

David A Buk 1 is the older for sure. He looks "long" and musclular but not heavy enough to be prime maturity. he could be 4.5. #2 looks short & fat like a puppie. short face also. also not nervous enough to be older than 1.5. 3.5 1.5

richard wolowicz buck 2- younger looking, thinner with no slumping back buck 1- older roman nose,thicker body 5.5 2.5

jerry beaird Buck one not enough belly or roman nose to be mature. Buck #2 small deer still has body growth left & antlers very thin. 2.5 1.5

tyson Antler base diameter relative to eye diameter in both cases. Also, chest depth relative to front legs. #1 is a little 'blockier' in his body shape than #2, but isn't thick enough to be 4.5. 3.5 2.5

Sunny First buck possessed a nice rack but his belly wasn't the size of an older deer. The second one, though he had a smaller rack, seemed to be filled out like an older deer. 3.5 5.5

Brad Weiss Judging by body size 3.5 2.5

David Barrow Buck #1 is certainly an adult. The contour of his spine indicated that he was not old. If I had not seen his rack and saw his body only, I may have said 2.5. Buck #2 is a young buck. His body, just says young and the lack of mass in his antlers also says that he is young. 3.5 2.5

Jim B. Buck 1 the antler growth Buck 2 small antlers and the hunp on the noise 3.5 2.5

Ben Richardson Based guesses on Antler Diameter 1.5 2.5

Carl Fowler Neither buck has a skull cap yet, I believe genetics and health of deer make the difference! 2.5 2.5

Brian Lambie Not much to go on. I use length of face, size of the deer and to a lesser extent the size of the antlers. 3.5 2.5

robert just a wild gess i made iwas just looking at there face 4.5 3.5

Leo Paik The 2nd one looks like the one at our range, that we've watched grow over the last 2 1/2 years. The 1st one is a guess based upon his antlers & muscle mass. 3.5 2.5

George Stamps Buck 1 has a deeper chest and more mature frame. Buck 2 is alot younger. 3.5 2.5

George Clifford Buck#1 very racehorse like. Has a good neck, fairly deep chest but looks a little thin waisted for a 4 year old even though it is post rut. Could be 4.5, but I'll say 3.5. Buck #2 clearly is not 1.5 but not much of a neck or chest to give him any more than 2.5.....2.5! 3.5 2.5

Ray Hayes Both bucks are young. #1 no pouch on chest antlers look too smooth at bases, no viible scars on ears and face...posture and attentiveness. #2 No scars, small rack, no pouch, walks right up on the other deer. 2.5 1.5

John Gilmer #1 has a older fuller face and body #2 still has a baby face has not fill out 3.5 2.5

Ed Scarf Each of them are large and healthy but no paunch stright back no romen nose and no brisket 3.5 3.5

sarge74 I was just going off body size and weigh 2.5 3.5

steve #2 looks a lot heavier, but his face looks like a baby. 3.5 2.5

Kevin Burgess Buck one has a nice rack but is thin in the mid section of his body. Not fully muscled. Although I wanted to guess 4 1/2 for buck 2 I will say 3 1/2 also. Although his body looks more filled out, his rack seemed small for a 4 year old. I'm really undecided . 3.5 3.5

Christian Current Body size and antler mass. Buck one is larger in both counts but is not heavy in the beams as a buck couple years older might be. However, he is still lean and more brown than grey leading me to assume he's 3 1/2 as opposed to 4 1/2 or better. Buck 2 is dark, but smaller and his antlers are more spindly. Both bucks are mature given their size and antler beam distribution, but neither are old or terribly wary. At the same time they do not exhibit signs of dominance (tarsal runs, posturing, etc.). This is especially true for the second buck who is in the presence of other deer but is not interested to establish himself. 3.5 2.5

Timothy Peck Body size 3.5 2.5

George McMullen #1 Obviously not 2 but still has long legs, nose and no sagging belly. #2 Short nose, legs, and sagging belly. 3.5 4.5

Paul Y buck 1 was a bit more spooky even though buck 2 had more of a potbelly buck 2 seemed to cool and calm to be any older than 2.5(well that or he had never been shot at before) 4.5 2.5

Chad Buck 1 is a mature deer. He has big neck, long body, but no belly. Im guessing 4.5 but could be 3.5. Buck 2 is young. He has a short body which makes him look fuller in belly area. Im guesssing 1.5 but he could be 2.5. Not really familiar with eastern deer. 4.5 1.5

Mark No real explination. Just an educated guess. 3.5 2.5

Keith Padderatz just not quite there yet little small in rear end and chest no2 real young deer looks like a doe with horn's 3.5 2.5

Robert Forba Jr. Buck#1- Sloping rump, deeper chest, blending of neck into chest, 4.5 Buck#2- Narrower rump, "hot dog" chest and body, smaller neck, 2.5 4.5 2.5

Str8Shooter just guessin 2.5 2.5

Randy Doyle looks right to me 2.5 1.5

Mark Thorsen Buck #1: walk,wariness, white nose, rack prime or just past prime Buck #2: Young body and face and nose, rack typical for 2 1/2 year with good genes, walk and lack of wariness when with other bucks 6.5 2.5

John Shue just a guess 5.5 2.5

Dave Landon Both bucks appear from the photos to be young. I wish there was ground level photos of buck2. Slim faces and bellies is what I went by. Color or lack of gray on there face was hard to see in the photos. I was temped to say 2.5 but I though I saw a little sag, maybe my old eyes. 3.5 3.5

Andrew Klarich first buck has a bigger body but still young looking face. nice rack but still lots of potential. second deer has a small boxier body telling me he is young. looks like a doe with descent antlers screaming 2yrs old. 3.5 2.5

Mark Buck #1 has a fully developed chest and muscle structure. Buck #2 has a narrow face and slim profile. 4.5 2.5

Ray Prillaman Buck number one has better defined muscle structure and a little more mass but doesn't yet have the bulk in the body or grey in the face you typically find in older bucks. Buck #2 has the characteristics of a lot of deer that get shot. His rack is starting to take shape but is spindley and his muscle bulk just isn't like you see on older bucks. 3.5 2.5

Paul Buck #1 was a bigger,deeper, longer deer and his face was starting to grey. Was also more alert and educated to using the wind. Buck #2's body was smaller and not as long or deep in the chest. His face was shorter and still looked fairly young even though supporting a decent rack for being 2.5 years old. 4.5 2.5

David Sheppert Buck #1 Semi-heavy chest without much belly drop. Buck #2 Seek neck and long face with smooth belly. 3.5 2.5

Norm Holliday Based on size of body, size of horns, wariness. 4.5 2.5

dale good bucks both of them. #1 seemed to have the edge on life experience since he didn't like whatever spooked him and he didn't hang around. #2 seemed just like a bigger doe, not a care for whats around him 3.5 2.5

Cliff Cornelison Buck 1 - no sway back or pot belly and the body is still relatively short, though he is a mature deer he has just started. Buck 2 - looks like a young deer, shorter nose, smaller body, etc. 3.5 2.5

Gulchman Length of noses. Body size. Belly sway. Body length. Statistics that almost no deer live to be greater than 3.5 years old. # 2 could be 1.5 in Iowa, but betting the animals live off of something other than corn and soy beans. 3.5 2.5

Josh Chappell guess 3.5 2.5

Stephen Manukas Buck #1 is an old giant, could be anywhere from 5-9 years old. Buck #2 looks a little younger, but still mature. 6.5 4.5

steve pignataro you have been watching that deer for 5 years nice deer no mass 5.5 2.5

Joe K Had to tell from the photo's given. But my best educated guess from years afield. 3.5 2.5

Eddie Mathis gut feeling 3.5 2.5

Ron #1 looks bigger thgough the chect and rear end. Looks to be 1 year older in body size. 3.5 2.5

Ross Priest By years of field experience. 4.5 3.5

John Buck 1 has good musculature but beginnings of a belly. Appears to have a little grey on his snout. Buck 2 looks like he has a Roman nose, big belly. 5.5 8.5

Jack Blackmon Buck 1 is much larger buck 2 smaller rack 3.5 2.5

James Morrison Buck 1 has solid back structure Facial features of an aging buck but to the point of a 4 or 5 year old buck. Buck 2 dark coat head structure of younger aged deer 3.5 1.5

Mike Lembke Although buck #1 is larger he still doesn't have the blocked look in the muzzle or the fat belly of a more mature buck. #2 has that bottle shaped nose of a doe still. 3.5 2.5

Lex Pace buck 1 - full body, and neck, but not old looking in face, could be3.5, but looks older in body to me. buck 2 - young face young body, body and neck looks too full to be 1.5. 4.5 2.5

Manuel Buck one look really thick in the body and neck and pretty muscular. Buck two looks fairly skinny in the head area and thin neck and slim body 4.5 3.5

scott they were not full body big deer and rack were not huge like 6to7 year old. but they were not real young deer eather. 4.5 4.5


Jack Hume No.1 Has a grey Face. No. 2 is a young deerperhaps only 1.5 but I am guessing 2.5 5.5 2.5

Jeremy Fryer Just judging by the base width of the antlers. 4.5 2.5

Jacques a. Bonin Buck #1 skeletal frame appeared to be complete, spacing between antler bases show signs of a more mature deer, the base of antler to tip of nose shows the beginning of the roman nose look of an older deer.Maybe a midwestern deer. Buck #2 Body is shorter and more compact, Shorter face from antler to tip of nose, Distance between antler bases is narrower, Darker hair color indicates,rich diet possibly in and or around swampy area,maybe a northeastern deer. 4.5 2.5

KC ABEL Although buck one looks like he can be in rut which would make him appear bigger by his face and headgear I think he's a 3.5. The second buck looks like a yearling if you take the horns off the top of his head. 3.5 1.5

Tony Just guessing. #1 looks a bit more mature. #2 isn't that big and looks young! 2.5 1.5

Thom McAdams considering its conecticut its just like where i am at in PA. deer dont live very long and if they do its a surprise. #1 decent mass, good spread, longer antlers, good build. i would say 3.5 to 4.5 but more on the 4.5 side and smart also. it heard something it didn't like and left. he's been around and knows what up so thats what I went with. #2 this is a hard one - not much mass, not much spread, shorter thinner antlers. not alarmed by noises yet or the presence of danger. i would say its a 1.5 to 2.5 but more on the 1.5 side but it looks like or may be a second set of antlers for this buck so i am saying 2.5 years and on the low side of that age 4.5 2.5

Fred van den Heuvel I have been aging deer on the hoof and through tooth wear for a few years now. Deer Age definitively takes the guesswork out of it and helps confirm where you are right or wrong.There are several factors that come into play when attempting to age a deer on the hoof, (Area of Country,Nutrition and Genetics). Being able to observe their behavior on a video is an additional source of info that can tell us something about their age. I wish you included pictures of the jawbone as I feel I could combine that and come very close to correct, as I have seen Deer that exhibit certain physical traits that are much older than they appear. You have my guesses based in the info you have provided, so let me know if I have won. 3.5 2.5

Will McKelvain Buck # 1- body characteristics, size and color of his hocks, mannorism.... Buck # 2- same response as above 3.5 2.5

Marty Sup I am not really good at aging deer so I am really just kinds guessing and what I picked up on watching shows and looking at all the pics on the website. 3.5 2.5

perry cox Long lean body and thicker neckon the first but no sagging between the front legs and stomach should make him 3.5-4.5 years. Short stubby body and lean neck but a nicer rack but no real mass indicates a younger deer thats 2.5-3.5 years. 4.5 2.5

Joseph Nickerson Buck 1 appears to have nice antlers but does not show the sway back or sagging belly of a mature deer. Buck 2 appeared even less mature. 3.5 2.5

Vicente Cardenas I am judging based off of the spread of the antlers in relation to the buck's ears and the shape of the body and neck. 3.5 2.5

Ron Chambers In the Southeast these deer would not be nearly as large nor would their antlers be as "developed", and I'd probably guess them as 4.5 and 2.5. In CT, however, I believe they would go 3.5 and 2.5 since number 1 does not have the mass that I'd expect to develop there in 4.5 years. 3.5 2.5

Willard Cass Its just a guess !!! 3.5 2.5

Joe Buck #1 little definition where neck and body meet and his beam extends well into is nose area...although not the type of mass you'd like to see in a 4.5 yr old body characteristics say 4.5 Buck #2 still has young buck body characteristics and small rack size 4.5 2.5

Roger Hemminghaus I don't know northeastern deer from adam, but I am basing my estimation on the body shape - particularly rump, facial features, and belly. Deer #2 is a butterball, round rump, but still sleek & 'tight' in the mid section. Looks to me like a sub-dominant buck around 3.5. He could easily be 2.5, but his body mass definately makes me think he's a bit older. Deer #1 looks like a dominant buck that's been doing a fair amount of chasing. I might guess him as a 4.5, but I really think that his lack of body mass is from the rut. 5.5 3.5

Justin Reed Just a guess us western oregon boys don't get to see these guys never much. 3.5 2.5

Steve Jackowski Can't say more than it's a feel based on body habitus and antler features. Lots of guys think bucks are 2.5 when they are actually 1.5 4.5 1.5

Jim Ergler Just a guess from hunting deer in Pa for 50+ years. The first buck seems heavier and wider than most bucks I've seen. 3.5 2.5

Chris Juvinall Just guessing...I have only hunted WI, MN, MI, and ND. My guess is that the rack size/body size comparison is different in the Midwest vs. East Coast. Nice deer...nice contest. Keep up the good work. 4.5 2.5

nathan buck 1 body is filled out and has a shorter face and thicker neck. buck 2 is mucular and a nice buck but lacks the body and neck shape to make it a mature buck. his face is also long and skinny. 5.5 2.5

Jacob Wheaton Don't always go by rack size... alot of that is plain genetics. I go by color and the fact the buck one was alot more weary(un-experienced). Hard to really tell though on a video. Sure wish I could see the teeth!!! 2.5 4.5

Corbin Buck #1 is still young good genetics not much mass. Buck #2 is old going down hill on with antlers and has crown on nose. wide body like most old men. 3.5 8.5

Mickey Scarzafava Buck one has a more body size and better muscle tone and his face is a little longer, I may have over guessed his age at 3.5. Buck two is a much smaller deer and doesn't have the body size or the muscle tone as # one and his face seems a little shorter indicating a younger deer, I guessed him @ 2.5 but he could very well be a 1.5 deer. 3.5 2.5

Vern Hansen I went on what the deer Ive taken here in Northren Michigan look like and acted like.I have often been told our deer herd here,weather conditions,food sources as well as genetics was very compareable to CT> Deer #2 for me would not have been a shooter based on his antler size. But pictures are hard to go by alot of the time.Both good bucks, to take and film in one season, congradulations 4.5 3.5

cecil sink #1 looks like a good size chunk of burger meat, about 60 to 65 pounds worth, in my area thats a 3 year old buck #2 looks like chops, ham roast, neck roast and some good grillin' ribs, about 40 pounds worth of tender eatin'...thats a long-yearling in my neck of the woods 3.5 1.5

Ralph First buck looks a bit more developed body and antlerwise and carries himself with more awareness (absolutely paranoid in the latter half of his clip....I believe someone needs a shower! Interesting that he didn't "spook" till he saw motion up in a tree.), while the second one strikes me as barely aware of his surroundings and lacks the size or bulk of the first (in fact, his muzzle looks a bit Neither one shows much mass, but then, I don't recall Connecticut producing huge antlers. Finally, although the photos and clips don't reveal much in this regard, the first one appears to have a little more grey around the muzzle, too. 4.5 2.5

Sandy MacGregor buck appears to have a more mature body, size, weight and form, yet not fully developed.The second buck appears to be less mature for the same reasons. 3.5 2.5

Darrel Sturges Just a guess based on body structure. 3.5 1.5

Jason Ostermiller #1- Belly slightly upturned, rump looks squared, round eyes, dark tarsal gland, larger neck. #2- Flat belly, round rump, round eyes, dark tarsal glands, and a larger neck. The body on #2 looks larger and more mature. 2.5 3.5

michael hardy buck #1 has lost his brow where it would drop and his shoulders are broad belly has not dropped.. buck#2 still has his brow wich is stil very pronounced, he is a fat boy wich makes him look like his belly is sagging but it is not, shoulders look to broad to 1.5 yrs... 3.5 2.5

Chris Kmiec smaller looking shoulders...and girth of rack to me says too young... 2.5 2.5

Mike Buck #1 is a healthy deer nearing him prime, he has had enough time to grow the width of his antlers, no sagging just hard muscle and enough woods smarts to survive, until recently. Buck #2 is a tough call, but I'm going with an older deer who is past his prime and on the decline, thus the sagging belly and smaller but heavier antlers. But what do I know, I've never been to CT. 3.5 6.5

Rick Hebert I would say Buck 1 is closer to 5, but its hard to tell just by looking at any deer, the true way is to take a look at there teeth.. so can I please see there 4.5 2.5

Mark Watkins Buck #1 is a fairly lean bodied deer....a "flatbelly" with no sag to the paunch and a flat back. Buck #2, although harder to judge based upon the video and related angles, looks to be a bit older, more developed shoulders and a bit of sag to his belly. 2.5 3.5

Mike Williams Buck 1 - looks like a typical farm/suburb 3.5 year old deer from the NE. Buck 2 - short snout, pencil tines = a good farm/suburb deer from the NE. 3.5 1.5

Ron Murphy Both bucks indicate no sagging belly,and no hump between shoulders.They are mature but not muscled up like a linebacker,so I guess 3.5 on both of them, but they could be late born4.5s. 3.5 3.5

kirk salvatore buck 1 is a pretty full bodied deer buck 2 seems to be much shorter and just not as filled out 4.5 2.5

John Lindsey Not alot to go on but here's my reasoning. The satining on Buck #1 tarsal glands was large beginning to run down the the the hind leg a bit suggesting a fair amount of pre-rut and rut activities. His neck appeared swollen, but not so large as to be indistiguishable from it his brisket as with very mature bucks, and his face appeared a bit more foreshortened and not long like a doe or younger buck. Buck #2 was even tougher for me. Not much to go in the video. This buck just seemed younger than #1. Less staining on his tarsals, less bulky, thinner neck. 4.5 3.5

Bryce Lambley Not sure on a deer from CT (actually not SURE on a deer from anywhere) since I'm more familiar with farm country NE bucks. And while this is fun to guess, I sometimes shake my head when I watch videos and guys label deer with absolute certainty that (to me anyway) are clearly just 1.5 or 2.5 years old as 3.5 or better just to assuage their own ego. 4.5 2.5

Paula Coyle Fuller barrel and shoulder compared to haunch size, so older than 2.5 but still upward sloping belly on buck #1 so probably younger than 4.5 Buck #2 haunches too big to be anything over 2.5, but rack and rest of body too big to be 1.5 2.5 3.5

james huffman Buck 1 deep body and head shape for me and he really seems suspicious. Buck 2 carried himself like a younger deer not as broad or as deep in the body. Just looked immature in my opinion. Maybe I'm wrong I watched the videos on my phone and it does no justice to video. 7.5 2.5

Sean Enright Bucks in the Northeast don't grow racks as fast as the Midwest, what i mean by that is bucks in the Midwest have better nutrition to feed of of so their bodies and racks are larger than the same aged bucks in the north east. Yes this is a generalized statement , there are always variations from this norm. Buck #1 is good sized body deer with a wide but thin rack, buck #2 is a healthy young deer with a rack with just about to the tips of his ears with small eye guards and thin tines. I personally don't like that people can view others answers and the analytics, I like to see contests with nobody being able to see everyone else's guesses, that's all. 4.5 2.5

Bill McCardle I'm guessing. I think #2 might actually be older with just a smaller rack. Lonf brow tines on #1 made me think older. But less mass. ??? 2.5 1.5

Greg Bowser just by viewing their bodies and to a lesser degree their racks. 2.5 4.5

Jim McGuire Both appear younger than 3.5 years, no sagging belly. Buck #2 especially has snort snout, and body length is not that long. 2.5 1.5

Texas Bwana Buck # 1 is filling out and shows a cautious attitude but that could just be who he is...cautious. Buck #2 is difficult because I never got to see what I wanted to see to be sure as well as not knowing the deer in that area. A couple of clues led my guess to where it's at. Good Luck all. This was interesting. 4.5 4.5

Vito A . D'Aiuto # 1 lack of muscular definition ,very aware of his surroundings, lumbering stride .#2 short snout , round chest ,shoulders 8.5 2.5

John Scott Both appear to be about the same body mass. It's a guess as horns and mass many times have little to do with age, esp in my part of the country. 2.5 3.5

Carl Holzner Buck #1 maybe 3.5, but given the time of year photo was taken I say 2.5. Buck #2 good antlers for 1.5 body is just not big enough for 2.5. 2.5 1.5

Douglas MacFarlane buck 2 broader shoulders deeper brisket shorter face. 2.5 4.5

ron arthur body mast is not all that big. buck # 2 is just young 2.5 1.5

Richard Daugherty Buck # 1 is stocky, square shoulders well muscled through chest into his neck. Antlers show nice development and width, tall tines. However there is no sagging belly of an older buck. Buck #2 has nice antler width, shorter tines, and not as much muscle mass. More definition between neck and shoulders. 4.5 3.5

Doug Bradshaw Buck #1 could be 4.5 but I put him at 3.5 because he didn't show a deeper chest, swayed back line, or bigger gut. His legs still look a little long for a 4.5 year old. I put buck #2 at 2.5 because of his under developed body in general. He had a more doe-ish like face with no beginnings of a roaming nose. 3.5 2.5

John O. Edwards #1 body size and size of rack #2 looked younger body size and body attitude 3.5 1.5

George buck #2 small,thin rank and not paying to much attention to sorroundings. Buck seems more aware of area and it has a large rack. 2.5 4.5

Brandon Dietz I beleive that buck #1 is about 3.5 years old because he does not have really wide shoulders nor does he have a belly or a curve in his back. Buck #2 appears to be an older buck because he has really broad shoulders and a slight dip in his back. 3.5 4.5

Paul Bohn Buck 2 is obviously a young deer without a purpose. Buck one is either 2.5 or 3.5. Body length girth around chest and lack of mass seems to indicate it to me that it is likely 2.5. 2.5 1.5


Jeff Tieze Buck 1 has nice size body and tines are starting to get good mass at the base. It should be a whooper next year. Buck 2 still has a fawn look on his face. Nice healthy body for his age. I think he will be a fantastic buck at 4.5 years. 4.5 2.5

bill brown 1. Big powerful buck, but not a lot of gut. 2. Not a great rack, but the body shape and size suggests a lot of age. 4.5 5.5

Gary Cesar Buck #1 appears to be a mature deer. Eyes are rounded to slightly squinted. Brisket is even with neck. Rump is not rounded and belly sags just alittle. Buick #2 appears to be young. Eyes are well rounded as is the rump. No sag in belly and Brisket is upturned. 5.5 2.5

Jerry LO 5.5 4.5

Matt Cahoon Buck #1 looks like his body is fully developed and while his antlers are wide and long I would expect to see their mass increase in the following year. Buck #2 looks like his head is growing and those long skinny looking legs make me believe he's a younger deer. 4.5 2.5

Nick Habes Buck one could be 3.5 or older, has the body and smarts of an older deer. Buck 2 could be an exceptional 1.5 but looks like 2.5. 3.5 2.5

Jeremy Buck one looks to be about 4.5 because he doesn't have that fully mature body. Buck number 2 is 3.5 because he is not yet mature and hasn't developed any real signs as maturity. 4.5 3.5

Wayne Ober Buck #1 looks more mature in the face and nose; chest and neck are larger indicating a mature buck. Buck #2 looks young with a narrow nose, smaller body frame. 3.5 2.5

John Cox Buck 1 - No loose skin or Pot Belly Buck 2 - Front Shoulders not fully developed 3.5 2.5

Mike Olson first deer has elongated face with signs of grey appearing on snout, this deer has some growth potential left in his rack which is why I chose 4 1/2. It's possible that this deer could be older than 4 1/2 and his rack is on the decline, but the lack of grey in his face tells me that he has aging and growing left to do. This second deer is very young based on the short snout, smooth dark brown coat, and small spindly antlers. Possibly could be a 1 1/2 year old deer but if that was the case I would anticipate it would be a fork, or a basket 6 point. The size of the rack indicates that this deer has a season of growing under his belt already. 4.5 2.5

John Costo Buck #1 look to have more body mass Buck #2 Face and head looked small Legs looked long not much body 3.5 1.5

Ryan Jacque buck 1 and buck 2 ages can be only guessed close and determined by what, when and how they eat + their genetic background. Pictures are always nice to see, and whatever state they came from is good to know... however... if they only ate acorns and were not near better eating conditions, they might be older than what they look like 4.5 2.5

nathan wilson the first buck looks old and may be reverting to smaller antlers. the second buck looks young and in great shape. 5.5 2.5

Jim Neaves Buck #1 is mature in terms of body shape and structure. The neck blends into the shoulder and brisket yet the waist still tapers to the back legs indicating the 4.5 year vicinity. The head triangulation is almost equal in length on all plains indicating a buck that would range in the 4 to 6 year mark. Buck #2 is somewhere between 2.5 and 3.5 years of age. Legs appear long indicating he is not filled out with age. back is straight or slightly convexed and he has a long face and distinct junction between the neck shoulder and brisket. It is hard to be 100% sure until they are on the ground. 4.5 2.5

Miguel Denogean (1)Due to size and girth, not a 2 year old and he seems to be getting a paunch so not 3. My guess is 4.5yrs old. (2)Not a first year buck and maybe a second year buck but girth at shoulders makes me think 3. My guess is 3.5 4.5 4.5

Stan Horsfall The look of maturity in the head and the mass of the antler base, as best can be seen from these videos. 3.5 4.5

Bill Lynn Buck 2 looks like its a little darker, than buck 1. 2.5 3.5

Bob Crossman Deer 1 is much older than people would guess, as he is fully mature, longer in body, has the width of maturity in his rack and the greyness around the eyes that says old. Deer 2 is a younger stud, heavy in body and bulk. CT has a lot of deer and this deer looks like he is about to hit its prime. 7.5 4.5

Ethan Angstman Buck 1 has age in the face and a droopy gut. Deer 2 is younger with a longer nose, face looks like a young deer. He also has no gut or mass of an older deer. 4.5 2.5

Greg Based on antler size and guessing that the food quality is average. Buck one is larger ,Rack is thinner and even though its large its thin , it could be from lack of quality food and the deer might be older. My guess is its only a bit older than buck 2. Buck 2 has a face of a younger deer and based on spread and thickness it represents a younger deer with better growth developement.It also has smaller ears and body. 3.5 1.5

Steve Vincze #1 antler width is beyond the outside spread of the ears showing more maturity (age). #2 while a healthy buck antler growth not as well developed as #1 so I concluded about a year younger in age. 3.5 2.5

William Berumen Buck 1 has excellent muscle tone, but is begining to show his rack potential. Buck 2 already decent body mass, but given that there are no obvious deformities, the rack seams under developed, indicating to me that he is still fairly young. 3.5 2.5

Wayne Bourque buck 1 has youg face and his back has an unward curve buck 2 dark color and chest is larger 3.5 4.5

Eric Chenoweth Couldn't watch video on my computer, so I just went by their looks and body structure to determine my best guess. 3.5 2.5

Carl Casper Both deer have young faces, slender legs and no sag in their bellies. 2.5 2.5

Doug Haraszkiewicz i based my SWAG by the mass and shape of the body, the proportion of the legs to the body and the shape of the face/snout. 3.5 3.5

Russ Davenport Good body on 1st to be 2.5 and 2nd deer is thicker in the gut. 3.5 4.5

James Miller I'm going by the face and the size of the body of both deer,number two buck has a young face,number one buck has an older face but the antlers aren't that thick. I know the only way you can tell is by the teeth but this is a fun thing to do during the off season. Thanks for the challenge! 3.5 1.5

John L Kulper Buck #1 has a fairly large neck and strong well developed shoulders suggesting he is over 2.5 but still has a flat stomach and smaller rear which typically would mean he is under 4.5. Buck #2 neck isn't as big antler bases are small in diameter and not heavy heavy muscular development. 3.5 2.5

Geoff While Buck #2's rack looks to be a 2.5 yr old, his body mass tells me he's older than that. Keep in mind this is PA, not KS, IL or IA. That rack would look different in those states. 3.5 4.5

robert williams experience hunting in the field. 3.5 3.5

joe gatto #2 looked like he had a bigger body # 1looks younger to me . 2.5 5.5

Walter Robinson Both Bucks had a sagging belly, so I expect them to at least be 3-1/2... Buck # 1 did have a bigger rack so I will guess him at 4-1/2... I do not think either would be any older... Not enough grey at the head 4.5 3.5

Dale Merrick Neither is pot bellied so I doubt either is over 5 yrs and buck #2 appears to have a short face with is common around here of younger deer. 3.5 2.5

kris knoke What I think 3.5 5.5

Bill Kauffman My guess, mostly due to back profile and shoulder mass. 2.5 4.5

Sam Southall Buck 1 still has the race horse look of a younger deer hasn't got the full neck blending into the shoulders of of a 4.5 yr old deer or older Buck 2 is tough he could almost be a great year and a half old but I think he is 2 1/2 yr old he is one that probably should of let go 3.5 2.5

Alan Small Buck 1 body mass yet the rear quarters are still flexable, and the face has begun to elongate. Believe in another 2 years would have put on wonderful mass to the rack. Buck 2; great gene pool yet have taken a baby face in the past that was similar with nice rack yet short on mass. Would have been a tremendous deer in another 2 years. 3.5 1.5

Ed Menegazzo NO 3.5 2.5

Michael Babcock Buck 1 actually looks a little older than 4.5 years except for his nose -- the bridge of his nose has not started to round yet. Buck 2 Antlers just didn't have the mass... 4.5 3.5

Dave Stone #2 still has the young deer head size and look. #1 could be 3.5 to 5.5 so I picked in the middle @4.5 4.5 2.5

Robert McManus Buck #1, heavy body but lacking the sag of the brisket as much as buck #2. 4.5 5.5

Jerald Pilling Buck 1 has straight back and thin antlers 4.5 yrs buck 2 has thin neck and thin antlers more than 1.5 yr old der 4.5 2.5

Art #1Full bodied, but not bulging tummy. Mature face, but without roman nose. Wide Rack. #2 Young face, 4.5 3.5

Fran Devlin Buck one is very nice but looke to lack the maturity of an older deer. Buck two is very immuture and I believe to be only 2 1/2, maybe a very good 1 1/2, but I'll guess 2 1/2 3.5 2.5

David Kenevan Not looking at the horns and soley looking at the bodies of these two rascals. 3.5 3.5

mark taylor both deer look middle aged to me....I don't know where they were harvested but assume the midwest...?? They just don't look like old mature deer..thanks' 3.5 3.5

Moises Torrent Although their racks don't reflect the age class you would expect, these deer are not Midwest caliber. Nutrition and genetics are the name of the game, and CT can't compare to the Midwest. Buck #1 appears to be over the hill and has a huge body. Buck #2 is fully mature, but doesn't have the rack size you would hope for in a 4.5 year old. Cull buck for sure. 7.5 4.5

freddy torres body size ,neck and belly not to old this in my opinion are not a shooter 2.5 1.5

Erik no real logic . just a guess. 6.5 2.5

mike doyle i think this because they look liek a few deer i shot and have had aged 4.5 3.5

Jerry French I think you guys are guessing too low, Deer #1 is much bigger. Send my kits to NY State please!! 10.5 4.5

Susan Scheibner Let me know the answer 10.5 9.5

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