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Review: Moultrie ATV Spreader

Even the most experienced food plot experts tending to hundreds of acres needs an ATV mounted spreader. Let's be honest, most of our plots are small, and not necessarily appropriate for a seed drill, precision planter, or a tractor mounted cyclone spreader. For that reason I have always relied on a small ATV mounted unit for both seeding and fertilizing. My previous unit, was a moultrie spreader that held up well but had limited capacity and required brackets

New for 2017 Moultrie has redesigned their ATV mounted spreader with some terrific new features. My favorite feature was the quick mount brackets so I can quickly attach the unit to my ATV with a simple sleeve design. The electronic gate is a very handy feature to control both the flow rate and starting/stopping the spreader. With a 100lb capacity I found the unit to be perfectly sized for food plots 1 acre and smaller.

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The Moultrie ATV Spreader comes in two styles, manual gate and electronic gate. Our unit was the electronic gate version.




I have used my Moultrie ATV spreader since I first received it in March. I am very impressed with both the design and the features. Particularly the quick attach and the electronic gate. Since it is a plate spreader it will work best with larger seeds like corn, beans, peas, sunflowers, and Oats. When broadcasting legumes and brassicas (which are very small seeds) a trick I learned is to mix the seed in with fertilizer. The small seeds get projected by the fertilizer and spread well that way. In conclusion, this is a great spreader, well made and rich in features. The unit I used (electronic gate) retails for $329 and the manual unit retails for $229.


Video Review of the Moultrie ATV Spreader

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