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Hazard Hollow 22-May-18
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Hazard Hollow's Supporting Link

Check out and Discuss my Hazard Hollow hunting property! Hit the link above to view.

By: MK111

Congrats on your new property and equipment. I'm not a firm believer in being able holding deer on a certain property. From the surrounding area cover I would think the deer are everywhere. But I am a firm believer in creating good food plots to draw the deer to your property.

I bought my farm in 1991 to raise cattle. For 21 years I never seen over 3 deer in a group on my farm. Then 6 yrs ago I started planting food plots and in a year I've seen up to 16 deer feeding in my food plots at one time. Plant good year around food plots and deer will visit your property unless pressured to stay away during day light hours. Good luck and will follow your future adventures.


Are you in Spring lake next to fort brag ? Forrest

By: Slate

Looks great good luck with it.

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