Initial overview 09-Jul-14 New Plot Installation
This parcel is only about 20 acres. I now have a home upfront near the road and it is mostly wooded. Surrounding my property are other residential homes and farms. For some reason, my home that was built in 2010 does not show up on this image, but it is to the right of the home with the curved driveway. My lot is a double lot that is 400' wide and extends into the woods about 2000'. Last year I had a bobcat come back into the woods and I finished a project that I started a few years ago...my foodplot. This plot is about 1/3 acre and I've been getting the soil in order, getting it flattened, and removing all of the left over wood matter embedded into my plot.

Sattellite view.
Sattellite view.

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Initial overview New Plot Installation 09-Jul-14 Initial overview
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