Got her first deer 15-Jun-14 Hunting Trip Update/Kill
My daughter got her first deer Nov. 20 2013. she took a doe at about 85-90 yards with my 270. She was very happy and I was too. she also went during the youth hunt in October but we waited for a buck & passed up a few tries at some doe. she was using my Remington jammaster 308 and my scoped Weatherby 270.

Lizzy and her Doe
Lizzy and her Doe

pointing to her doe down in the field
pointing to her doe down in the field

happy little girl
happy little girl

Coyotes are bold  lol  (Photoshop)
Coyotes are bold lol (Photoshop)

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Got her first deer Hunting Trip Update/Kill 15-Jun-14 Got her first deer
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