Food Plot 7 Food plot 7 is a perennial food plot next to our brassica plot. It provides spring and summer protein

Blend Planted: Tecomate Alfa-Feast blend

1=Poor , 2=Fair, 3=Good, 4=Very Good, 5=Excellent
Planting Date Early July
Acreage 1.2 (GPS measured)
Moisture Fair to Good
Soil Condition PH 5.8, Fertilizer added per soil test. Lime applied in late winter and again at planting.
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

Alfalfa is tricky to plant and given this was newly turned soil with a lousy PH we were concerned it may not establish. We were very careful to follow all soil test recommendations and applied both lime and fertilizer to the letter. The plot came up great. We did have some minor weed intrusions and we'll have to keep on eye on that when the plot emerges next spring.

Activity Results

As expected, the activity was remarkable and almost immediate. We planted one acre and the deer were rapidly consuming the tender alfalfa tops. The crop vigor kept up with the utilization and attracted deer through the end of November when it finally went dormant.


We were very happy with this plot, it emerged great and attracted deer in droves within 3 weeks after planting. Both the alfalfa and the chicory were equally attractive to the deer. It was a lot of work to get this established but it was well worth the effort.

September Photo
September Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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