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Food Plot 1 Food plot 1 consists entirely of a pure stand of Forage Soybeans in 2013.

Blend Planted: Eagle Seeds Northern Managers Mix

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date June 3rd
Acreage 1.15 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 7.3, Fertilizer recommended by Soil Test
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

We followed all planting instructions and received a perfect soil test result. We inoculated the beans, disked, packed, broadcast, then packed over them one last time. Emergence was outstanding within 1 week. We then fenced the plot until it was 36" tall then we removed the electric fence. We achieved 60" of height in some areas with the average plant height of 52". We were extremely happy with our growth results.

Activity Results

We kept this plot under fence until it was 36" tall. Utilization was fair in the early season and only 20% of the plot was utilized while it was green. Utilization greatly improved during late fall and winter after the plot had cycled out. It continued to be utilized as of this writing in late January.


Growth on this plot was phenomenal. We had tried a commercial blend before and the results were awful, so I was very pleased with these results. I am going to plant these again however I will remove the electric fence earlier, probably at 20" instead of 36". I believe we waited too long. The deer utilization was much lower than expected, however I attribute this to the fact that no beans have been grown in this area before, and we kept the fence up too long and other food sources became available giving the deer lots of choices. You can view a video of this plot here:

September Photo
September Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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Discuss our 2013 Food Plot Review on DeerBuilder



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