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Food Plot 6 - Hancock Daikon Radish

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

Full disclosure, this small plot is being phased out so when I had some seed left over from planting my Food Plot 2, I ran my tractor down to this tiny plot and ran the rest of the seed into the wet lowland soil. It came up OK, and as expected. We had a few bulbs but heavy fall rains swamped this plot so growth was marginal.

Activity Results

This plot used to be one of my top locations, but since I planted my big 3 acre plot literally 200 yards away, it has all but gone dead. Still, we had some activity here and was better than some of my other plots that I took care of.


This variety proves that even with no prep, no fertilizer or lime, and virtually no effort you can have a radish plot.

Plot Photo (Macro)

Plot Photo (Micro)

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