Food Plot 2 - Real World Soybeans (Unfenced Plot)

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

Unlike Plot 1, this plot was unfenced from the beginning. It was fertilized according to a soil test and Sprayed 5 weeks after planting. Growth results were good for green growth and OK for beans. This plot was utilized heavily for deer starting in July and resulted in stunted growth throughout most o of the plot. Compare the photos below with the photos from Plot1. Same crop, only difference was fencing. Results are dramatic.

Activity Results

Activity was incredible, particularly for our mature bucks including buck#1,2,and 4. However, since this plot was stunted due to the browse activity while it was actively growing, the bean crop was diminished and activity starting in December shifted to Plot 1 where beans grew to maturity.


This was an experimental planting of the same crop, planted on the same day, and maintained identically. Only difference was one plot was protected with an electric fence and the other was not. Results were dramatic. However, I was extremely pleased with the hardiness of this crop under grazing pressure and the amount of consistent buck activity here. It was very impressive in July and early September. Incidentally, our fenced plot was not nearly as attractive even after the fence came down. We attribute two reasons for this. First, the deer liked these soybeans better when they were actively growing with succulent green leaves over the matured leaves found on Food Plot 1. Secondly, the fence seemed to have a residual affect and even after it came down deer were accustomed to leaving the plot alone. It took them a good month before deer moved freely into Food Plot 1. An interesting result.

September Photo (Macro)

September Photo (Micro)

Trail Cam Photo

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