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Food Plot 4 - Ladino Clover, volunteer oats, six-point chicory

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

I had good early growth on my six-point Chicory and Ladino Clover. I also noticed that I had volunteer oats that germinated this year too. So I let the plot go. Growth was pretty good but weed infestation took over and half the plot was choked out.

Activity Results

Activity was fair when growth was good, but nothing like the previous year. I was dissapointed in the deer activity here - they just preferred other plots more.


When I was making my list of plots to re-plant in 2015 this plot was on the list. It was a primary location and it drew lots of animals in 2014. However, since two of my perennials showed strong early emergence I left the plot alone to concentrate on other plots - basically, I had enough to do. That turned out to be a mistake. This plot was soon consumed with Dock and other weeds. Results were nothing like last year when we had a weed-free plot with Radishes. Lesson learned.

September Photo (Macro)

September Photo (Micro)

Trail Cam Photo

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