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Food Plot 1 Food plot 1 consists entirely of field corn

Variety Planted: Seedway Field Corn Variety 3904LRR

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date May 26
Acreage 1.2 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 7.0, Fertilizer recommended by Soil Test
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

We followed all planting instructions according to soil test result. This included fertilizing at planting, and then top-dressing at day 40. This particular corn is Field Corn (not sweet) and grows to 9' in 100 days. We achieved remarkable results, both in the quality of the stalk and the quality of the ears. At 110 days we had an amazing cornfield. That's when the trouble began.

Activity Results

We lost 10% of the field to wild turkeys. They would peck at the corn seed in rows. This lasted only for the first two weeks. We then had nearly 80 days of undisturbed growth. When the corn matured, we had serious issues with black bears. They destroyed 25% of the field before hunting season began and stayed that way up until hibernation. The Bears kept the deer off the corn until the field was 70% consumed. All bear activity was nocturnal. We had fantastic turkey activity in this cornfield, fantastic bear activity, some bird damage, and virtually no deer activity. All bear activity was nocturnal.


We were thrilled with the growth on this cornfield. This was our first cornfield and the results were magnificent. However, the bear damage was extensive and beyond our imagination. We had incredible activity for turkeys as well as some small game activity. The plot did nothing for the deer in late season as we hoped, it was 95% gone by December. We did hunt bears over the field but all activity was nocturnal and we never saw a bear in daylight. One bear that frequented this field was pushing 500lbs. He survived and will be back again next season!

Below video taken in October shows bear activity


September Photo

September Photo
Late Season Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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