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Food Plot 8 Food plot 8 is a perennial food plot located adjacent to our corn and soybean food plot

Blend Planted: Pennington's Rackmaster Durana Clover

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date September 2011
Acreage .75 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 7.3, No lime or fertilizer in 2014
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

This is the 4th season on this perennial Durana clover plot and it's still performing well with zero weed invasion! It came up right away and only required one application of 2-4DB herbicide to control the grass. I mowed it twice since it responds well to mowing.

Activity Results

Durana activity has been a consistently high draw. However, I will say that my new Ladino plot was utilized far higher than my three Durana plots.


We have several fields with at least part of them containing Durana Clover. They are all thriving, and attracting deer after four seasons! Great stuff.

September Photo
September Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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Discuss our 2014 Food Plot Review on DeerBuilder



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