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Food Plot 9 Food plot 9 was a plot we installed in 2011. We planted on the trails that weaved through our apple orchard.

Blend Planted: Pennington's Rackmaster Durana Clover and Tecomate's Chicory

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date September 2011
Acreage .5 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 6.0, No lime or fertilizer was applied this year
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

We neglected this plot last year but rather than kill it off or disk it under, I let it come back up with zero maintenance. It didn't get any better, but it didn't get worse either.

Activity Results

Acivity was way down last season but that has more to do with it being an off-year for apples. So there was nowhere near the traffic in the orchard as usual. It drew OK, but not great.


This plot is not maintained and is not utilized anywhere near as much as our other clover and chicory plots. It comes up each year but is not a serious plot for us.

September Photo
September Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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Discuss our 2014 Food Plot Review on DeerBuilder



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