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Food Plot 7 Food plot 7 is a small .5 acre sugar beet kill plot.

Variety Planted: Sugar Beet Seed

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date July 15
Acreage .5 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 7.0 No Lime, Fertilized per soil test
Plant Again? Yes

Growth Results

This was our first attempt at Sugar Beets. I tilled, fertilized per the soil test recommendation and my beets emerged in two weeks. They came up great but I knew I was going to have weed problems immediately. After a month I had serious pigweed and lambsquarter infestations in this plot. These beets were not Roundup Ready so all I could do was pull weeds by hand. I gave up on that quick. To my surprise the beets grew to maturity and did extremely well. We had great leaf growth and decent beets. t could have been better had I controlled the weeds but I was still impressed.

Activity Results

It took about a month for the deer to take an interest in them but once they did it was non-stop activity. They wiped out the greens by mid November and then started on the beets. They ate the beets down to the ground through December. It became my top plot in the post season.


I was blown away by the beet activity and will definately plant them again. But I need to till, then let the weeds go through a couple of cycles before planting beets again. I would also consider Roundup Ready GMO beets but I believe there are some licensing issues using RR Beets in food plots. They really draw deer!

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Discuss our 2014 Food Plot Review on DeerBuilder



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