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Food Plot 5 Food plot 5 is a 1 brand new 1 acre blended plot in a strategic location for deer activity.

Variety Planted: Daikon Radish, Bob Oats, Ladino Clover, Austrian Winter Peas

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use
Planting Date August 26
Acreage 1.1 (GPS measured)
Moisture Very Good
Soil Condition PH 6.0, Fertilizer and Lime Added per soilt test
Plant Again? YES

Growth Results

This plot was deep woods only a month before planting. And with any deep woods plot, the soil is typically in bad shape. To our surprise, it was not that bad - but it still needed a lot of help. So I decided to plant a blend that would give me some quick growth, some easy to establish crops, and some hard to establish perennials. All of them came up well and we were very happy with the growth.

Activity Results

It took about a month but then activity increased in this plot. As time went on, activity improved to the point where I was unable to walk into this plot without busting deer. My #1 buck appeared here a lot, but #2 never showed here. After the snows fell this plot became red hot and was neck and neck with my turnip plot #2.


I was thrilled at how well this plot came up. And the deer activity was excellent after October. We knew this location was terrific, we just needed to spend some time clearing with the dozer and the Woods Equipment Root Grapple.

October Photo

September Photo
Late Season Photo
Trail Cam Photo

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Discuss our 2014 Food Plot Review on DeerBuilder



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