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Food Plot 6 - Tecomate Max Attrack

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

This plot was expanded this past year and a lot of drainage work was done. The soil tested well but I got off to a late start so I chose a quick growing kill-plot blend called Max Attract by Pennington. It contains 50% peas, clovers, vetch and chicory and 50% premium annual grains. The grains came up fast and did well, but the other varieties were sparse or non-existent. I saw less peas and clover than I expected. The plot was somewhat dissapointing with more bare ground than I expected. I am wondering if the seed may not have been fresh since there was really no good explanation for these results.

Activity Results

This was my 2nd best plot for deer utilization in the past but there was little acivity this season due to the plot condition. Interestingly, since there was so much bare ground there was far more turkey activity than deer activity.


I have had good luck with some Tecomate products in the past so I'm just chalking this up as an fluke. Generally I don't prefer to use seed blends - I like pure stands or custom blends of my making. I also don't always trust that some companies, distributors or box stores are not selling seed out of old inventory. Certain seeds that works, but others it will not.

September Photo (Macro)

September Photo (Micro)

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