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Food Plot 8 - Whitetail Institute Turkey Chufa

Utilization based on game camera survey on this crop choice + evidence of use

Growth Results

The idea for this plot was born after I called in 5 gobblers during last spring's turkey season. The toms were picking bugs next to food plot 1 and I thought it might be an interesting experiment to plant a single 8 foot row of Chufa that spanned 400 yards. So after my soybeans were in, I heavily disked the strip and used my Woods Seeder to install the chufa. I have never planted this before but always wanted to try. At first, I thought the effort was a fail. It took a long time to see any real result, then around the 6 week mark I was pleased to see explosive growth and fully mature Chufa. After the Chufa cycled out, I dug up one plant and there were about 50 tubers on the roots - fully hardened and ready for the birds. I did have weed issues and pulled most of them by hand before they went to see. Not fun! But necessary.

Activity Results

There was no turkey activity on the Chufa. I did not bother to scratch any tubers up last fall. I will do that in late March so the turkeys can be introduced to their new food source. Please note: the turkey photo below had nothing to do with my Chufa planting.


Chufa is a sedge and considered invasive by some. I was careful not to broadcast it - opting to use my precision seeder and if this plot works, I will find a more suitable location for my chufa plot. Keeping the weeds in control was a chore. Too bad they don't sell Roundup Ready Chufa.

September Photo (Macro)

September Photo (Micro)

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